Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Move

i realize that it's super ok to make the first move - as long as you don't like the guy! hehehe.. see, there's this guy, he's my friend's crush and i was hoping to "know" him better (i personally think he's gay.. sshhhhh...sori..Ü) by adding him as one of my contacts in one of my sites (thanks to my friend for making my other 2 sites! gggrrr!).. of course he knew me! i mean, we bumped into each other a lot of times already (as in literally - clumsy moments nko..Ü) so when he saw me at, well, somewhere (not gonna tell anything), he politely approached me and introduced himself. we shook hands and talked a little and it was nice! it was actually one of the very few first-meeting chitchats i super enjoy in my entire life! so there..
of course, that wouldn't have been the case if i liked him (i literally freeze when around someone i like!) but then, you know if we girls can probably just keep our cool, then ok lang.. maybe we just need to think that we don't like the person we like so that our first moves will be as smooth as that of mine! haha!
but no.. im not gonna be able to do it to someone i really like.. like, NEVER!!! hahaha!