Friday, November 21, 2008


remember the guy i'm dating? the one i mistakingly send my text message to? well, we just had dinner and..
everything's perfect - the place, the food, me, him.. except that..
i was bored..
i didn't want to eat..
i didn't want to talk..
i could hear him but i didn't want to listen..
i was texting matty and grasya and arnel and osting..
i just couldn't feel the magic anymore.. no sparks.. zero.. nada!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Was That All About?

what happened last night?
why did i cry?
why was i hurt?
was i jealous?
why was i bitchy?
was it only PMS???
or was it another side of me i haven't obviously discovered???
there's something wrong with me and i don't know what it is.. Thanks to Matty and Cuerdz for being there and to the men and women at D'che spa for being so nice.. Ü

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Friend's Lovelife

thanks to those who read my blog. i know that im not the "professional writer" type and i don't proofread also and my topics aren't at all serious - heck, i just talk about myself most of the time! haha! so now, im going to talk about my friend's lovelife..
so he said he likes someone but that person is immature. he said that he's not going to get involve with someone just for sex, he said he needs a real relationship. everyday, he sees this person and they're really good friends..
so here's what i told him, and i will quote myself coz i advised him through email:
    "do you honestly want me there??? oki rag dili.. i've things to do man sad! (coz we're gonna go somewhere together with that person) hahahaha!! from experience, you can't dictate your heart but you can always pretend and then later, mawala lang dayon na.. so if you like that person, then so be it.. if you want to show it, then go.. but if you don't, then just pretend! hahha!"
i remember highschool.. sometimes, you just can't do anything about a certain situation so instead of showing someone you love him/her, you choose not to, in fear of hurting someone else or of hurting yourself more. im good at it, you know.. i've mastered it.. saves face! hahaha!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hunk Speaks Good English

yeah, so in my shift, usually at around 10am, people in the US are already sleeping, and so we no longer have calls.. and in those idle times, i just stare at my PC, either reading an ebook or surfing the net..

this morning (actually just a few minutes ago), i was in for big surprise.. so i was doing my routine when i heard a bass-tone voice at my back and when i turned, gosh, twas the hunk i see everyday in my neighborhood (sometimes with his gf)!!! he actually goes here???? gosh! he's looking for someone and he asked me and honestly, i can't remember what i said anymore.. hahhaha! but he speaks good English.. that's all.. i was in awe.. haha!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

late, one tree hill, survivor gabon, date, cuerdz

  • so, my day, i mean my night (im on a night shift) started as a BIG disappointment.. i set my alarm @ 7:30 am so yeah, naturally, i was late - i wasn't able to wake up until my SUpervisor called me at 9:36pm.. MAKASAPOT! now, im sarcastic in almost all of my calls - i tried not to but i can't help it. it's unfair, i sucks to me and to them (callers) too!
  • anyway, im now on season 2 of ONE TREE HILL - it's heartwarming.. it's like a no-nonsense version of Gossip Girl. It's addicting, promise! and i learned a lot but for some reasons i can't remember anything anymore.. it sucks.. i swear im gonna write them next time!
  • SURVIVOR GABON - Bob Crowley won!!!! he truly deserves it! hehe..
  • so yeah, ummm.. i've had my share of "funny" (in a "hell-ish" way) dates - and i the guys, not the date itself ----  ummm.. you know what im gonna write about this maybe next month coz it's pretty recent! hahahaha! God, im so glad i trusted my instincts!
  • ang imong video Cuerdz hap! hahaha!

Monday, November 10, 2008


this is super embarrassing.. gosh! just even thinking about it.. oh crap!!!! whatever!!!

So, I'm dating someone right now (someone very smart pod) na-send nako sa iyaha ang text that was meant for one of my friends - and i was talking about him!!!!! Gosh!!!! MABUANG KO! can i die now?????

you know, i just hope na dili nlng xa mu-reply para ma-save ko sa embarrassment! waaaahhhhhh!!!! yikes kaulaw jd!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Ex-3 Has A Kid

so, this morning i received an email from him.. he's from a very long time ago but we got back together early 2007 (for a month) and we kind of talked about marriage and stuff and although it wasn't at all serious (you know how "new" lovers make pa-cute and talk about marriage), but still, we had THAT talk. and i just can't help but think that it could've been me and it makes me feel, i don't know, relieved? im just soooo not ready to get married (yet), let alone to have a kid. I fear them both. and, the kid's just substantiate my fear.. hehe..
in relation to this, early 2008, i almost got engaged also (hahaha! first time you hear about this, huh? hahaha!) but when he asked me, I flinched and I politely declined and eventually, we broke up. hahahaha! on the early part of our relationship, we also had THAT talk and honestly, i thought i was going to marry him but when he asked, i felt different! haha! i don't know.. d pa lang jd ko ready.. hehe..
anyway, im super happy for him! i think he's going to be a good father..