Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday Blog

OMG! I missed a birthday blog this year. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Anyway, think it's still August. :)

I'm 31!!! My gosh! And yes, despite my not-so-baby fats, I FEEL FAB. I almost always do. I don't when I'm cooking Crispy Pata and the oil is splattering explosively on me and I get burns which turn into scars and I smell fried. Anyway, I get my reward after so I don't mind. Briane doesn't mind either. He still kisses me even when I look like the Crispy Pata itself. I hope he doesn't change. hehe..

There's a huge difference between being 29 and being 30. Funny because I didn't feel the same when
I was 28 and then when I turned 29. I guess it's the change of decade. Right now, I'm much more in a hurry. There's a lot of things I want to do with just very little time. I want to travel with Briane but that'd mean saving, which would take time. At the same time I want to have a kid because I'm 31 and my chance is getting slimmer by the minute. And we all know THAT needs the grandest preparation. Tsk. AAAHHHHHHH! PRESSURE!!!

Yes, I'm ready to be a mother.
I want to be a mother.
I think I will be a great mother.

So in conclusion: THE EARLY 30s ARE A BITCH!

Still, just like always, I don't have the right to whine. I'm probablyl one of the most blessed people in the world (Thank you God, You are the greatest). I am just being human. I feel the pressure. And I hate it. I guess, it's better than being numb and oblivious.

So in celebration of what could be the most stressful year of my life, here's a picture of my very stressed self:


'Til my next birthday! xxx

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Our First Anniversary!

Hello everyone! What's up? :0

This month, Briane and I celebrated our first year anniversary. People say, "time flies when you're having fun". It's true! I feel like we just laughed (and ate!) our way through our relationship. No kidding. I mean, we've had bad days, LQs, dramas, but at the end of it all, we just laughed (and then ate).

Briane is a natural comic and he said that one of his missions in life is to make me laugh. Exactly how you get a girl! ;) I, on the other hand.. Well, you know!

So, in between transferring to a new account, 2 jobless situations, and 2 hospitalizations, here we are, laughing (and eating!)
Anyway, I'd like to share with you pics from our anniv. I know.. "yawn", right? Well, it's a big deal for me because it's my first time to celebrate an anniversary with the person I'm in a relationship with.  The only other time was a long distance relationship, which really sucked then. Ok, so THAT, plus, you'll see that I am now bigger, rounder, fatter! Maybe, when you're happy you don't care about your figure anymore? NO. I am happy but I do still care about my figure AND health -- all the more now! It's just.. the party invites! Of course I can't say no - it's rude!

Ok, so here -- we had lunch at Tokyo Table. Food was really good except the sushis and sashimis and makis. Ironic that what's supposed to be their specialty isn't their best. I love jap food, and we chose to be there for that reason so it's kind of dissapointing for me. But all's well that ends well. The unlimited dessert! Oh...

who ate more??? ;)

we had to ask the waitress (who's very nice, btw), right?

Briane ate them all! I swear!

the resto. not a great pic quality - this is from a phone cam.

where's my wasabi???

ask me how many times did Briane go for another glass??? ASK ME! hehe..

i had to take a pic with the warrior

Briane's Miley Cyrus look! hahahahhahahaha

full and happier!
Then we headed to Mr. A, at Lower Busay to "chill". It's one of my favorite places in Cebu. The view's just awesome. Their coffee mixes and cakes are not bad as well. Well, too sweet for Briane's taste. We've been there a few times but for that night, we had beers and Crispy Pata. If you wanna go there, bring jackets as it gets cold at night.

we were their first guests!

and you have this for free

dating tip 1: put your phone down! haha
look what we did.....

look what HE did! hahahaha

I love the flavored beer (lemon). Briane went light - he has to drive
we couldn't grin more!
"The truth is sometimes things aren't exactly what you always imagined... they're even better!" One of my faves from the movie What A Girl Wants. I have always imagined what it's like to find someone you can really have fun with, and at the same time, you can really trust during the hard days.. and now, it's all happening.. and it's better! I am one very lucky woman!

Lastly, I want to share what Briane has to say..

Here's to forever! ♥♥♥

Thanks for reading you guys! And thank you for all your messages! And as you can see, I'm ok. And if I'm not, you'd know. I just don't have much time for blogging anymore. But this is hopefully a start.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

What's Going On?

Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well. I, on the other hand, am under a lot of pressure. My bosses transferred me and some of my colleagues to a technical account and if you guys have been reading my blog for a while now, you'd know that I don't have a single techical nerve in my body. So yes, I am kind of having a hard time. And with that, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the coolest, most systematic and patient trainer ever, Sir Lee. I will not put his full name because I didn't ask permission, I might get sued. Haha! Now I know what modems, routers, filters, etc. are! Isn't that amazing? So, despite the pressure, I am having fun. Learning is, so to all the young people out there, STAY IN SCHOOL!


I now own more flats (shoes - due to my herniated disc). And my latest buy is this:

I am not giving up on high heels but damn, those babies are so comfy and uniquely fashionable! In fact, one of my fashion blogger friends from WIWT has one of those! Hers is Nike and you can check her blog here. I wear mine with capris/shorts with tees, and jersey/shirt dresses. One time, I wore it with my boyfriend's Polo Shirt. You gotta buy a pair! It's quite an investment!

And speaking of my boyfriend, I gotta share one of our chats on Facebook. I just thought it's funny. This was fairly recent, while he's making his report and I was just browsing through sites and was bored.. and yes, we're facing each other! love, love, love! :)

 And here's us on our 8th month of being together (last week) - we drowned ourselves with calories! 

'Til next time! God bless you all! xxx

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today is a sad day for me. Today, I say goodbye to Project Pink, the account where I've been working for 9 years. The only word that can sum up my whole life with Pink is "GROWTH", in all aspects; mentally, emotionally, socially, and the most obvious, physically.

I am excited for the next account I will be with, but Project Pink will always hold a huge part of my life and of my heart. It's where I met some really great people.

Goodbye to the HAPPIEST account...
Partying - Brownan Revival was our guest band.

Greek Party. I don't know what's wrong with me here.

One of the many lunches. Here we are at KFC!

My batch. At that time, I never thought I would like the account so much, I'd last for 9 years. 

Reina's "welcome home" dinner at Chikaan SM.

Kiddie Party where we dressed like kids - I won an award! Hello Ronald!

I was a member of the first BOPPERS who represented our account, and we were the champs! REPRESENT!


Company outing with my crazy pinksters!

No calls - relaxing with my dear friend and "inahan", Delite.

Another no-call break with my dear friend Tomoe.

Company couture party with fellow Pinksters. At that time I didn't really understand what "couture" means.. hehe

I've gotten really close to some of my colleagues. Here's one beauty day with my dear, dear, Delite.

Team Honey - the most "kiver" team. :)

Team Brian - on our way to Bantayan. Mga criminal! hahaha!

As guests to Team Tina's team building in Stakili. Here we are doing the consequence for losing at a Videoke contest.

Shangrila company party with my dear Pinksters! It was fun, until the heavy rain (with thunder and lightning!).

One of many team buildings. This one, at Mountain View. Yup, that's me right there.

My first ever team travel with my first ever, # 1 team, Team Cher. These ladies right here, were my mentors. Thank you mga ate!

One of my birthdays in the office, with my ka-birthday, Bojo.

Team Honey - on our way to Pandanon Island. The sea went crazy on our way back to the city. It was scary!

Team Honey - on our way to Pandanon Island - while waiting for the boat.

first ever party with Team Meding! It was FUUUUUUUUUNNNN!

Baila party - I got to show my talent but to be honest, I couldn't remember what I sang that time! There's a lot of talented people in Pink. Those in the band, are just few of them.

We had to settle (not that it's a bad thing) for women as partners. There are just really few guys in our account.

With ate Elaine and ate Portia!

We lost to this team and we understood why. I mean, look at their costume. Anyway, they're my friends so......

Japanese party at Shangrila with Joyce and Grasya!

Awarding dinner - I forgot where this was held.. With Mira and Tomoe

Nature Trip with my friends Era, Dympna, and Joyce. We were at the Twin Lakes. The view is amazing.

Yeah.. we were there!

Another Team Building at Bantayan Island. Here we are, the Yellow Team!

One of many beauty pageants! The candidates were sssssooooooooooo funny!

You know squid ink? yeah, it's that! haha

During one of our rest days, we went fishing!

one of MANY baby showers! Project Pink family never runs our of preggies!

Ate Odette's birthday!!!

and I was a member of the Decorations committee - with these crazies: samsun, mary rose, grasya, and irene

welcome fairies!!!

this photo became a newspaper ad and I couldn't be prouder! hahahaha!

It's fiesta pakals at Gaui's!

Christmas party with the girls!

Christmas Party - we won plates! hahaha

Team Meding got an award! I LOVE THIS TEAM!

Add caption

yeah, I love tennis and that woman too! That's TIYANA but that name doesn't suit her now.. That's her cap, btw.

while Joyce was Hula Hoop-ing...

Weekend at Imperial Palace!

Company party with Pinksters at SRP

Kaon-kaon at Gaui's!

my 26th birthday! Thanks to Team Meding for the flowers - I felt like a lady!

Irene's birthday celebration at Our Place

Team Meding (new version) - this team rocks! Here, we watched a Tagalog movie, I forgot the title though.

so, it was Valentine's day and we were all single and we had no money, so we wore all-black outfits and we had to settle for Dunkin Donuts "heart" donuts! hehehehehe.. with Roi and Mira

at Papa Kit's with Team Meding

Plantation Bay staycation!

Brandon's birthday with Dympna and Gaui. I forgot the place but it was nice!

Bantayan Islan summer getaway! My dear dear friend Graysa, and I looooove to eat!

Black and White Annual Awarding party....

where the men had their dance number and I almost died laughing! hahahaha

... and I got to share my talent, again, with Gauran, Dympna (not pictured), and Marie (not pictured)..

I can't get enough of the boys! hahahahahhaha

One of many weddings (Melba's) but this was special because we organized "almost everything"! And it was loads of fun - we were barefoot most of the time.. go figure!

and yet another "Beauty Pageant"!

I gotta have a photo op with Mario! hahaha!

Bridesmaid wars at Melba's wedding! I was the Mad-of-honor!

Otaku Party

Moal Boal beach party.. we never got wasted that night!

Team Meding during Otaku Party.

Familia Zaragoza

This was at Era's place in Negros Occidental.

and the unforgettable Ilocos Tour with Marie and Gaui!

pretend-cooking - and Julie has to.... hahaha

I like this pic of Jhoanne, our SAM. It's super fun!

Party at Maya's - yup, that's cake! hahahaa

who does this head belong to?????


the best team building ever! Team Meding in Bohol.. although I was the saddest the day after this pic was taken..

Mira and I - kiat-kiat! hahahaha!

I'm with the glamorous, Rhiane!

at the SM run with ate Love and Irene!

yup, this happened. this is Kristel's.


we had to share a room because we didn't have budget!

Ourside the cave!

chupon with Kristil

KFC breakfast, which led to INOM!

looks like someone's annoyed.. hahaha! Ther, is there a problem? Shoutout to Ate Rose and Mizpah

Camotes with Team Borgy. It was the most tiring team building ever! But it was fun!

Joyce and I