Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Father's Day Weekend!

so why don't you all spend it with your fathers while watching the season finale of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz? most fighters are newbies (i know..the word "newbies" is too cute) so it's gonna be a slugfest - i mean, they're fighting for a 6-figure contract, they're gonna give their all!
McGee (interesting past) vs McCray
Hamill vs Jardine (2 of my faves and i hope you'll see why)
Leben vs Simpson (watch this)
Fisher vs Siver
Yager vs Attonito
Gunderson (he's my fave in the IFL before) vs Holst
Tavares vs Baczynski
Noke vs Bryant
Hammortree vs Camozzi
McSweeney vs Browne
i, though, will maybe watch it with my bro.. i miss him!
and to our Papa, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! he's the funniest, most responsible, and most intelligent man in this planet! we love him sooo much!

happy father's day to all my father friends (HUGE!) too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Great Song Made Me Laugh Today

I've heard this like a million times na, especially at home (my brothers love it).. when i read the lyrics, i swear i was gonna cry na.. until i reached this part..

"I know I could have saved a love that night
If I'd known what to say
Instead of makin' love
We both made our separate ways"

hahaha! dang! anyway, i love this band.. ilove this song..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

do you feel independent and free? coz i sooo do! haha
im gonna be at the Outpost tonight to celebrate independence day with some great music, great food, and really great friends!
this week's been a little emotional for me and i need a little pick-me-upper although nothing really major happened i just had to take care of some stuff that had me sleepless for 3 days becuase it's hard to make someone understand something, i literally blew my mind out and really, it's so frustrating when you anticipate for something and then when it happens it's just so-so and also, it saddened me that i have to let go of someone becuase everything's not the same anymore, there's been a lot of changes and finally Rafa lost yesterday but now finally i accept the fact that some things are really just beyond our control and all we can do is move on with our lives and be happy! sorry, word puke!

anyway, it's gonna be UFC 115 tomorrow featuring 2 of my most fave fighters Chuck Lidell vs/and Rich Franklin! that's gonna be really awesome! here are the other fights:
Cro Cop (i hope he'll win) vs Barry
Thiago vs. Kampmann
Rothwell vs. Yvel
Condit vs.MacDonald
 Wilks (vs. Sobotta) and Griffin (vs Dunham) are also 2 of those i like in the UFC so i hope their fights are gonna be aired on tv

Saturday, May 29, 2010

UFC 114 Rampage vs Evans



Rampage vs Evans
Bisping vs Miller
Nogueira (lil Nog) vs Britz (replacement for Forrest Griffin)
Sanchez vs Hathaway
Duffee vs Russow

and daghan pa..

this should be nice! i mean, after all the trashtalking (Rampage & Evans), people aren't expecting anything less! Ü

i'll be @ Durhan Beach (Tabuelan) tomorrow for an overnight luau.. i hope naay tv!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who Will Win AI?


last blog hirit before the finale..

it's not that i dislike Lee.. it's just that i can't feel him (only his nerves!).. he's handsome and maybe nice but i just can't feel his passion for music.. and i don't know if it's just me but he looks exhausted on tv.. and, honestly, i can hear flats and sharps when he sings.. sorry! Ü

if it's base on pure artistry and raw talent, Crystal should win it, no doubt..

but this is just me talking.. a keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer (not at the same time ha) who's in a band that's still stuck in the garage (exaj, we're practicing on studios sad.. haha!)..

actually, this season of AI is not as exciting as the past seasons.. i don't know what's wrong.. i love Ellen and SImon (i swear im gonna miss him!) though.. and i always look forward to hearing whatever Kara and Randy have to say about each performance..

whatevs.. im not excited.. hehe..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Off To.. I DON'T KNOW! Ha-Ha!

Most unexpected beach trip! and i only have Php512 in my wallet! hahaha! i went home ganina @ 2 am (during my lunch break) to pack and i just grabbed whatever's available in my closet (leaving unfolded clothes in my bed! kebs!) still wearing what i wore yesterday during dinner and coffee with T DEE (thanks so much teh! i miz you already!) coz from there i went straight to work, then, ill go straight to wherever we'll be!

spontaneity.. that's the word! gee, i don't even have room reservations! hahahaha

happy summer everyone! mmmmmmwuah!

BTW, happy 13th anniversary to my ate and my bro-in-law! we love you both! char2! Ü

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Finally Over..

Thanks to the 9000+ (i originally posted 8k) people who voted for my father, Flaviano Tilao. It's not enough but SALAMAT JUD. Disappointed? hell, yes! but that's life.. you win some, you lose some.. we've moved on.. Ü
to our Papa, you're # 1 and the only 1 for us! we love you sooooo much!
so, on to my shopping list.. Ü

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today Is Hanson Day!

again, they're the most talented for me.. ummm.. im staring at my monitor for over an hour now trying to find the perfect word to describe their music but i still can't so im just going to quote one music legend, Bono (yep, of U2).. He said their music is "genius".. i think he said it all..

listen to them:

im a super proud fan and will forever be..truly, they ROCK!

follow them on twitter:
their website:

Saturday, April 24, 2010


which makes me feel guilty coz one of my friends is going through a break-up right now (reina, i hear you.. im just here) but yeah.. oh gosh! i can't stop smiling!!!! WTH!? you know what? if i have a camera right now, id take a pic of myself! i mean, you guys should see it! it's silly! gosh!
ben, ben, ben, ben.. oh ben! Ü
will have breakfast with my gurls in a few.. then ill clean my castle..
HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!! im sooooo loving my tan, btw..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flee Fly Floo.. KILIG!

off 2 Bora in about 5 hours!
and why do i smile whenever Ben tweets (about anything)?! silly! im soooo not over it and it's soooo yesterday! it's super nice of him to reply to a fan like me! ok.. ill shut up now and concentrate on the situation at hand:

and yes, ill be ditching my eyeglasses (i mean, OF COURSE!!) ! im not gonna go there to catch up on my reading! Ü
btw, here's Ben Saunders:

follow him on twitter:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UFC 112

I offically hate ANDERSON SILVA! and for the record, i don't like his voice (it's funny)! I admire Demian Maia for not stooping down to Silva's level.. he's GREAT! and he will kick Silva's butt soon! hell, i wanna beat him (silva) up myself! but he's 6'2, im 4'11.. yeah..

Watching the whole 25-minute fight is a torture.. i mean, who would want to see their fave fighter all bloodied up right? Surprisingly, i didn't cry.. haha! Indeed, only Thiago Alves can make me cry.. again, because he looks like my youngest brother..

i tweeted Demian Maia last night to tell him that he's one of the GREATEST for me! Ü.. follow him:(

Anyway, my father would be upset to know that BJ Penn's ( no longer the lighweight champ.. he's his fave since i-can't-remember-when.. i haven't texted him though.. hehe.. I wasn't able to really concetrate on that fight coz i was too nervous for maia vs. silva.. but i was stunned with the results.. i hated the fact that i didn't have cellphone load then, wla noon ko katext ni Papa and my bros! grrrr!!!

btw, it sucks when i don't have celphone load during UFC fight nights! I couldn't share opinions with my fellow UFC fanfriends!!

Hughes yet again beat another Gracie.. hahaha! 

tsk tsk tsk..

my new crush is Nick Osipczak - he lost and his fight wasn't aired but i saw pics of him on UFC's twiiter ( I first saw him though on Ultimate Fighter (UK vs. US)..

guys, you should really check out UFC's twitter account for some really funny comments on the UFC112 fights!
also, diba i tweeted about Rashad Evans ( and Rampage Jackson's ( trashtalking on twitter? it's actually still going on! it's hilarious!

that's all! it's raining.. no running for me today!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MY BROTHER (Jhunelle aka Kab) IS NOT A PIG!!!!!

he's a super shopper! HAHAHA.. i had a great time with him @ SM yesterday! lupig kos pahak! he already has outfits for our super Bora getaway! and i should say, the man has taste (of course asa pa liwat! ahem..hahaha!).. a million snaps for him!

i wish our other sibs (ate, kuya, mamash) could be with us too but unfortunately d pwede.. too bad.. anyway, it's going to be my first time there and it's nice to share first-time experiences with a family! i love them beyond words..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lost In His Eyes

I get lost, in your eyes
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind
Is it love that I am in?

this is by Debbie Gibson.. DANG! I didn't know this song has such cute lyrics! must be love! nice..Ü anyway, i finally know how it feels! no, NOT love.. i mean, getting lost in someone else's eyes!!!

i've never felt this way before, even with any of my ex-bfs (one of them's gonna react, for sure!).. aw, i remember feeling lost every time i listen to the song EVERY LITTLE THING by's like it's just me and the song.. like that.. like it was just me and Jason.. hahaha! He was signing my CD and i was scrutinizing him (every detail sa iyahang face!) and when he looked up at me, mao na dayon to.. it's so amazing.. it's like floating! hahaha..

no, i wasn't in love.. just lost, and parched, and exhausted (after all the hollering and stalking!) that's why i went home earlier than my friends (and was able to catch the replay of UFC® 86 JACKSON vs GRIFFIN).. but my friend, Gaui was and still is..She and Jason had a "moment" sa CR! hahaha!

ill go for a run..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Broke My Heart And Made Me Write This Poem?


i've been waiting and waiting and waiting
now,im tired..
im tired of comparing other guys to you
im tired of being insecure to this girl who.. gosh nevermind!!!
i wanna be free!
i wanna be free of this insecurity!
i wanna be free of you!
get out of my life!!!!

i so hate it when i read or hear love stories
or watch movies
or see lovers and married couples on the streets..
and then all i could ever think of being like that with is you...
or when I watch band gigs
or flowers, a perfect summer day, white sand, blue waters, sports event, fog..
or when I eat my most favorite food
and all of the beautiful things on earth..
and then all i could ever think of being with is you..
when i share jokes with friends,  i'd laugh so hard, i'd cry..
when i take pictures...
when i make songs and poems and when I dance like crazy..
I wish im doing them all with you..
im tired of waiting..
but i love you..
and i can't love anybody else..
i don't have the heart to..
written: December 07, 2006 - THU - 12:36 pm


Thursday, March 4, 2010


i know everybody likes Casey James.. well i do too! he's got this Daniel Johns/Gavin Rossdale vibe which honestly is irresistible! hahaha! but im more of an Alex Lambert fan - i super love his voice.. i also love Lily Scott (luv her the most - she's a total artist, she even dresses so well!), Crystal Bowersox, Katie Stevens, Siobhan Magnus, and Lacey Brown  --- THE GURLS TRULY ROCK!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear John

i read 3 books last week!!! yehey!!! one of them's DEAR JOHN by Nicholas Sparks and it brought me to this super kilig world and im still in it - thus, the status and the title! hahaha! excited nako sa movie!!!

anyway, i haven't been "facebooking" lately.. actually i don't facebook a lot.. i blog @ livejournal and i update status through twitter - thank goodness for this network connection thing! sori for late message replies! Ü

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i have a theory that maybe God made us (children) so that when our parents lose their parents, they won't feel so bad coz we're here for them..

my Papa just lost his mother (our Lola) and i can see that he's devastated coz tomorrow's his birthday that's why im trying my hardest to be there for him.. it's the least i can do..

im sad too coz i haven't seen my lola in years and now, im never gonna.. im gonna cry.. hehe..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

UFC 110

happening tomorrow (Philippine time)!!! i hope it's available sa cable namo sa aurora! hay..

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Phone And Hanson

friends, please message me your mobile #s (sa facebook, friendster, twitter, multiply - wherever) coz there's none in my phonebook! ill text you back if it's GLOBE..

yup, i gave in.. after 10 days.. i can live without one, it's just hard not having one.. hehe..

still reading THE SUMMONS .. waaaaahhh... asa kaha ni gikan ang kwarta ay! i average 40 pages per shift (in between calls and chekka - on pdf file).. i should finish this on Monday!
my reading a lot (since i was a child) has taken its toll on me - im almost blind.. one time, my friend told me na wla daw ko nanagad niya - actually wla jd ko kakita niya! sori!!!

HANSON's new album "Shout It Out" will be released this June! watch out for it guys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just About Everything That's On My Mind Right Now

** UFC 109: a lot of GREAT fighters - my fave's DEMIAN MAIA..happy that he can now fight standing although he admitted "it's not the best", which i think is so manly of him..  i still can't believe his knockout loss against Nate Marquardt  (who lost against  Chael Sonnen - which was a great fight, niaksyon jd kog kakulba!)  atong UFC 102 but it happened so kebs nalang.. COUTURE won!! yehey! i expected a lot from the HAMMER but he didn't deliver..
** ASAP: it's probably my most favorite tv show.. I especially love last Sunday's.. HUNKS = HOT! but wait, did i miss it or  they just don't feature bands anymore???
** LOVE: my friend broke up with  his gf.. he said that there are a lot girls out there.. yup, he's right but there's no one like her.. i love my friend but i think it's so obnoxious of him to think that way! i slapped him in the back - now it's bruised! hahaha! THIS IS EXACTLY THE REASON WHY I DON'T WANT MY GUY FRIENDS HANGING OUT WITH MY GIRL FRIENDS!
another friend of mine broke up with her was a mutual decision but the guy kind of "suggested" - he doesn't have time i guess was the reason because he's at school or whatever? she still loves him and she's hurt.. ummm, i guess if you have a bf who isn't literally and not literally (Ü) there then what's the point??   
** im excited for UFC 110 - Nogueira vs. Velasquez, Silva vs. Bisping, Stevenson vs. Sotiropoulos, Jardine vs. Bader, Cro Cop vs. Rothwell, etc..there's no doubt in my mind that Nogueira will go home the victor
** THIAGO ALVES (luv him) will fight against Jon Fitch on UFC 111.. im scared coz he lost the last time they fought, and Jon Fitch's 3 inches taller..but just basing on the way they both fought GSP, Thiago Alves should win it - I HOPE!!!

my youngest brother mamash looks like Thiago, diba??? hehe..

** i miss hanging out with NIMPA band and the rest of the gurls - watch tag movie na!!!
** i was with sue, drol, fab, and erwin last saturday ! i had a blast - LAUGHED A LOT! had beer for the first time in months! miss you guys already! Drol, TC nganha ha - msg me if u hav sumthing to say or otherwise (just put a period or something)! Sue, laag nata with BB Zyd! Fab, atribido but ok ra ky interesting sad bya imng mga comments - ang uban! Win, thanks sa spaghetti!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tiger Woods Masks

I found a photo of Tiger Woods masks from CNN.. they kinda look like ARN-ARN of GMA Channel 7, just darker.. hehe..
The latest aid for men seeking unbridled romance is on its way to finer stores near you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Tip

If it's not meant to be then, and it still isn't meant to be now.. then take your firm, cellulite-free tush off of dreamland and find someone else coz it's NEVER gonna happen!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Story Of A Bag (What's In It?)

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late, plus its contents. No, you can't go into your closet and pull out your favorite purse! We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.

2. List how much it cost. And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we’d love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you’re showing everyone your bag.
Playing the Bag Tag.


-- yellow wallet - Php 1328.25
-- efficascent oil - . Php 20?
-- phone - Php 200?!haha
-- locker keys -
-- nescafe - Php 5
-- eyeglasses - Php 1500
-- maybelline clear smooth light foundation - Php 249.50
-- purple brush - Php 50?
-- GOLDEN WINE Ultra Rich Moisture 24k Gold lipstick from Avon -Php 300?
-- Bedazzled perfume from Beauty control Php 500
-- victoria secret lotion (pear glace) - Php 500
-- versace's bright crystal perfume 100ml - Php 4000
-- sykes id - Php500
-- red clamp - Php5

-- mga ABOG (dust)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


    Last Satuday night, I (with dympna and tom) was at OUTPOST and it sucked.. hehe.. im a huge MUSIC/BAND fan.. im a musician myself.. umm..i don't know.. everything's just off.. even the host was irritating.. sorry! she gave us a LEAP YEAR trivia! she said something like "did you know that the reason why there's feb 29th is it's LEAP YEAR and it has 366 days?" and we're like, "ah, yeah?!".. hehe..
    And the bands? well, I do admire bands who write their own songs and who're gutsy enough to sing them (i salute them, in fact)..  but when theirs isn't your type of music, and you're stuck with listening to it for at least 3 hours, i swear, it's hell.. waaaahhhh.. one band though, i like.. anyone knows AGGRESSIVE AUDIO? perhaps im the only one who doesn't because people sang with them.. they're fun, candid, and cool! im officially a fan!
    Sorry but for me, it's a total waste of money, and most of all, time.. i should've just stayed at home and watched UFC replays.. went home late, coz we we sang our hearts out at BEATBOX.. i noticed that my voice's pitchy but kebs..i love that miley cyrus song - PARTY IN THE USA..  Ü

Saturday, January 16, 2010

URCC "Deliverance" Delivered!

Oh! no words can even describe it.. I HAD A GREAT (1 zillion times) time! It's my first, and to be honest, i feared that i might not like it "live" but, gosh! LINGAAAAAAAWWWWWW kaayo! i wished that id see things i saw on UFC like submissions, chokes, knockdowns/outs, blood, athletes talking on cam after the fight, ground and pound, and everything else - and, WISH GRANTED!
No, im not a violent person and i don't see the sport violent at all.. as what i've always said, it's the sport for the brainy and tough ones and i salute all the fighters - they're heroes for me.. and i hate all those people who complain a lot.. i mean, common guys, the fighters NEED to THINK! so yeah, last night, i was this (.) close to punching those people and knocking them out! hahaha!
So anyway, i thought that it'd be like PBA vs NBA - i love PBA but let's face it, NBA's way more fast-paced.. but URCC and UFC (and IFL, and others) are of the same level.. it's pure action.. I JUST LOOOOVE THIS SPORT OR ART!
Thanks to Mary Rose Rosal for joining me last night! She's a big boxing fan (a Pacquiao loyalist) but now loves MMA too because of my kakulitan! hehe.. to literally put icing on the cake, well, we had cake after and went home at around 4:30 am!  
I finally saw Alvin Aguilar in person and nag-pa-picture jd ko! weeeeee! i will post pics soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Her phone beeps.

"Hi! How're you?" It was from her ex-boyfriend. "I'm in
town. I hope you can read my message. I just want you to know that I really
wanna see you. I asked our friends for your # and although you won't answer
my calls, im hoping that you'll, at least, read this. I will be at the mall
this afternoon. I really hope to see you there."
The girl thought for a second to whether or not go and see her former lover.
She's afraid that the feeling might come back once she'll see him again.
The phone beeps again, "Girl, I really wanna c u. Please come. I will be
waiting. Please."
She got up, took a bath, fixed herself, and went to the mall.. Half of her wants to see him, half of her doesn't.

She saw a guy, wearing a white shirt and denim shorts.. 
She went near him.

       "Hey!" she said
       He looked up and said, "Glad that you're here! Thanks for coming."
       "Yup! Here I am.. so how're you? How's life?" she asked.
Him: "I feel so much better now, you?"
Her: "im ok, though still tired from all the parties i went to over the
weekend.. still happy! Bald?"
Him: "O. I shaved when you broke up with me. hehe"
Her: "Here we go again.. Suits you though..You look like Lucky
Him: "Hahaha!
Him: "oh, wait.."
       The Boy got up and went to the counter. She looked at him..
This guy was there for her always. She realized she missed all their
conversation and fun times together.

Him: "Here goes your fave food."
Her: "Thanks. mmm.. I'm not really hungry but thanks anyway..When are
you planning to leave?"
Him: "Today.. but i'll stay if you want me to...."
               She laughed.
Him: "I'm serious, don't laugh at me, please.."
Her: "Boy, you know, I really want to but I can't.. It's not right.. Now,
we're finally talking about 'us'...."
Him: "YOu want to but you can't? Why?"
Her: "I told you it's not right.
Him: "May I know something?"
Her: "What?"
Him: "What happened? I mean, to 'us'?"
Her: "I dunno..Maybe, it's just not meant to be."
Him: "It'll be that way if we want to. We could go on, you know...Sorry..I
mean, what we have is so special for me, at least, i dunno if it's as
special for you though. When we
were 'us' everything's fine and I really couldn't figure out the reason why
we broke up. It's bugging me, you know. I mean, where did we go wrong?
What did I do?"
Her: "What we had is very special and it will always be, for me. My reason
why I decided to end everything is because I was always thinking of you
being with another      girl and it really hurts. I felt so insecure and it
seemed like i don't trust that we'll last. I was always so doubtful and I
hated that feeling..Really hated it.. I know      you'll think that Im so
selfish and that Im only thinking of myself but that's really how I felt
that time and it's affecting my relationships with my family and        my
friends and my work. As much as possible I want everything to be smooth and
when we were together it seemed like I was always preoccupied with the
thought of you being with another girl. I'm so sorry..And when I told you
about it, you sounded like you favored the idea.."
Him: "I didn't!" 
Her: "Let me finish, ok? So there.. I was hurt you know.. Exactly the reason
why I changed my number and didn't check my email for a long time.. Hey!
Let's not talk  about sad things.. We're still friends and it's the most
important thing..

Him: "You selfish beauty! Hehe.. Can I be honest?"
Her: "There is nothing more important in this conversation than honesty.. "
Him: "Yeah.. You know, Im really happy that you're here.. It's what i've
been hoping and praying for. I didn't 'favor' the idea. I was so
disappointed that time, see my  head..I sent you maybe a million messages, I don't know if you received them.. Sometimes i don't know what to say
anymore I just sent you blank messages. I       emailed you nonstop,
everyday. I begged all your friends for your number. I couldn't think of any
reason why you decided to end everything. I couldn't    remember any mistake
i made. Now, I know that what i've shown you isn't enough and it's more
disappointing. There are girls, alright but you know it's always        been
you, or so I thought you knew. I'm so sorry if I've cause you pain or if I
made everything difficult for you. I swear i didn't mean to..
Him: "Hey, what's wrong?"
Her: "Nothing. umm There's nothing wrong with you, you know and what you did
is enough. I'm just so paranoid and insecure and I don't wanna feel that
feeling         anymore. It's too much for me. I mean, I have to think of a
lot of things and i have to think about you.. I hope you understand..
Him: "Whew! Ummm.. I guess we've made everything clear here.. So.. ok. Ummm,
you have someone new?"
Her: "Haha! Shut up!"
Him: "No.. Answer me.. U seeing someone?"
Her: "No, I'm not.. I'm still loving someone, you know....."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

THIS 2010....

Done with the i'll-exercise-more-and-eat-healthier-foods resolution. my one very important goal for this year is to have A PERFECT ATTENDANCE (at work).. then id be able attend the awarding ceremonies, and get to meet the who's who of the company, listen to their speeches, and learn from them. at age 26, i need every little thing there is in this world that can help me deal with different circumstances in life..

Bitaw, i realize that my monthly health bonus, multiplied by 12, is HUGE! hahaha!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Recap..Sorta.. Hehe..

describe 2009
i travelled a lot.. i also did a lot of thinking specifically about having or not having a boyfriend - i chose the latter, i wasn't ready..EW!

happiest moment
ato lang 12-day Christmas Vacation nako - i was with my whole family! plus i hung-out with my cousins, ate a lot, attended highschool reunion..haaayyy.. there's no place like home.. i miss my family..

saddest moment:
someone i really like didn't reply to my email that day i expected him to.. hahaha! nanglood ko.. yuck!

most memorable person:
Marie Deltan Galeos - she's my idol now!

still believe that:
with God, nothing is impossible

loving the "love of my life"

fave place to chill:
still, my castle.. and Hayahay.. Outpost pod.. Gauie's house.. dympna and tom's room

frequent companion:
nimpa band - gaui, dympna, marie, tom, era.. of course, c grasya..ditto band - members are crazy! hahaha!

best Month:
November - i was soooooooo busy! i didn't have time to pluck my eyebrows!

Best Movie:
SHORTS - i laughed like crazy at the movie house!

Worst Movie:
can't think of any

Best TV program:

Worst TV program:

best book:
Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman in the World --- it's my younger brother's..

Newest Idol/s:
Thiago Alves, Demian Maia, George St-Pierre

Best Purchase:
Plane tickets for my birthday vacay!

Worst Purchase:
NIZE Pizza sa Dapitan Glorietta - y lami, promise! hehe.. ang supreme..

Best Place you have been:
San Juanico Bridge - the view's breath-taking..

Worst Place:
Cebu ghapon.. hehe.. im not gonna stay here for long..

Best Decision you Made:
staying single and being a little more friendly.. hahaha!

greatest frustration:
wla nadayon amng Kanlaon ug Vigan trip

Worst Decision:
joining THE BOP!

greatest gift:

hardest decision: to plane or not to plane! haha! i had my very first plane ride last year and kaulion jd ko gikan sa airport! hahaha! i was alone and i was scared!

song of the year:
Running Man by HANSON -- featuring Zac on vocals the

best 5 pesos:
LOLLIPOP na musiga - hehe..

best 3 hours:
new year's eve - singing til the wee hours of the morning with my brothers and cousins! hahaha! nagkaputol2 na ang kwerdas sa gitara, kanta lang ghapon.. hehe

bands I saw for the first time: DITTO band (on video) - we rock! hahahaha!

best day in make up: T Odette's birthday party make-up - nice ang red lipstick with my gold top

what I learn about myself:
I AM BRAVE.. im not a wimp!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


yehey!!! i feel like God's making fun of me! hahaha! i've been waiting and praying for it to happen for, i don't know, 8 years?! and then finally it did, unexpectedly - in the most bizaare place - ato pa jung Dec. 31, 2009! kani jd c Lord! hahaha!

2010 is going to be better! im going to be better! hehe.. Thanks Lord!

i soooo miss home, btw..