Monday, March 17, 2014

L4, L5

A month ago, around the same time, same Monday morning, I woke up and a nightmare began. I couldn't get up. I felt extreme pain on my lower back. I pretty much have a high pain tolerance (I have tattoos) so by "extreme" I really meant EXTREME! My tears would just fell on their own. I was rushed to the hospital and stayed there for a week. I had to undergo rehab. Oh gosh.. I thought I was going to be on a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Worst, I thought I was going to die, and I didn't (and still don't) want to.

I had Herniated Disc (L4, L5). I admit, while my doctors were explaining their diagnosis, I wasn't listening. Yeah, I'm stupid that way. Tsk. All I cared about was if I can still walk. And yes, on the third day, I was up and walking again, though very slowly. I almost couldn't contain my happiness but I had to because my therapists (Hi Eula! Hi Chubs!) were there, I was shy. Yikes! Haha!

Here are my pics at the hospital:

I had to be hooked to this monstrosity for most of my stay at the hospital.

Maybe a little too early for the "in sickness and in health" part of our relationship but this might be a start - my uyab was with me through it all. Thanks Bri! I love you so much! ♥

Naturally, I was advised by my doctors to lose weight as my gaining has A LOT to do with the bulging of my disc. My therapists taught me proper body mechanics - I need to improve my posture. I now have to always sit erect. I can't do running for a while. I have to move "gracefully" which would be very difficult for I am way far from being graceful. Man.. In other words, I HAVE TO CHANGE MY LIFESTYLE!!!

And slowly, I am. For the past month, I already lost 5 lbs. It's a start!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my doctors, nurses, and PTs at Chong Hua Hospital, my friends who texted/called/visited (special thanks to the ff: Therese Marie Cañete, Vanessa Rhea Labesig, Marie Grace Malanog, and my housemate Douey Joy Cagud - Girls, I OWE YOU.), my FAMILY, and my uyab, Briane. Lord, thank You. You truly are the most awesome!

There's a lot of articles about Herniated/Slipped Disc online. I recommend reading it here for those who don't know anything about it.

Guys, take care of yourselves. Health is indeed wealth!

Thanks to those who emailed me! I'M STILL ALIVE! May God bless you all! xxx