Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sinulog 2013

The past weekend's one of the most unforgettable for me not only because I got a tattoo but most of all, because my Kuya (elder brother) was here, which doesn't always happen. He doesn't travel or, well, he couldn't travel a lot because he's left with our mother in the province. He just broke up with his girlfriend so we joked that he came here to heal his broken heart. Ha-ha!

So I was with my 3 brothers and it honestly felt like I have fence around me - in a good way. I was overwhelmed with so much protection. I love feeling this way and even if my brothers aren't perfect in more ways than one, they are perfect for/to me. I love these men so much.

We ate, partied nonstop, ate, partied nonstop, ate... you know the drill.. Oh, there was beer shower so we're all wet, sticky, and stinky! Yikes! Ü

Here are pics I took that weekend:

younger bro Kab, moi, Kuya
"lugar lang nong" - our driver (because it's his car)
It was Kab who insisted we had photo op with superb film director Joey Reyes. He partied with the crowd - he's so cool!
youngest brother mac2, moi, kuya
kab, mac2, our cousin titi, kuya - breakfast was my treat! They're super big-eaters so thank goodness it's just at a cheap eatery!

sometimes i wonder what people (who don't know they're my brothers) think when i'm always the only girl with them - not that people would notice but yeah.. you know what i mean..kebs!

drunk, stinky, inked, and loved - I had the best time of my life!
the people, young and old - who paid for the beer-shower?
my dear kuya - our protector and forever the got-to guy because he knows a lot of things. He's one of the brainest people I know.
lunch at STK
what could be more perfect than beer + pizza + family + party?
mac2 waiting for breakfast - food delivery anyone?
looking at it now.. kind of yucky, don't you think?
testosterone overload
because I seldom see them around - photo op with the SWAT men! Hello sirs!
happy that he's not the driver!
'Til next year! xxx

What I Wore Last Week (2nd-3rd week of January)

I have been busy the past 2 weeks. I actually have been lagging on my outfit uploads in WIWT. I am now user # 37! Ha-ha! My love was here as you guys know and I took advantage of that little time we had together. I would very much rather look into his eyes or hold his hand or pinch him (because he's fat!) than upload pics!

My status right now is:
  • 111
  • 50
  • 471K

  • Here are the last outfits I uploaded:

    dress: XOXO, jacket: A.W Fashion, bag: gift from ate Gemma Veloso, shoes: Sole Desire (distributed by People R People)

    dress: What A Girl Wants, shoes: Janilyn, bag: XOXO
    Pic by my ate.
    dress: Get Laud (gift from my cousin Haze Yap), boots: Parisian
    top: Forever 21, skirt: July, bag: XOXO
    dress: Vesper, shoes: Linea Italia, bag: XOXO
    jumpsuit: Topshop, bag: SM Accessories, footwear: Havaianas -- Peeps, this is my super duper fab friend Reina Mae Pestillos!
    Pic by Reina's bf, Arthur Villalon.
    dress: Flea Market (gift from my super duper friend Marie Grace Malanog), shoes: Janilyn, bag: XOXO (this bag has become my super fave!)

    Next week I'll be back to my regular outfit-planning-and-uploading life. I am not excited because it would mean that my love's no longer here in the country. :(


    Tuesday, January 22, 2013


    So, you know how other people have a list of things to do before they die? Well I have one myself except that my list is only until before I turn 30. There's only 10 on my list and last week, I was able to fulfill 2! One of them's this - get a tattoo.

    Yeah, I know, it's so "A Walk To Remember"?! What? I love tattoos and I've always wanted to have one since 5 years ago but when I mentioned it to my father, he disapproved. It was the only time my father openly and directly told me not to do something. So I didn't do it. When he was murdered, my siblings and I agreed that we're going to each have tattoos to honor/remember him. Thus, this. The number 1023 is for October 23, the day he was murdered.

    My love, who in a lot of ways, is really like my father (I become speechless at how alike they are sometimes), doesn't like me having it and told my brothers about disliking me having it. My youngest brother admired him for his honesty. But I told him that it's something I have to do because I want it for myself and I'll do it with my family. He said "ok" but when I asked if he likes it when it was done, he said he doesn't. Ha-ha! I love him for being so honest!

    Here are our pics:

    Monkeys and a Princess.. Hahahaha!

    Kab's 1
    Kab's 2
    my brothers whom i love soooo much!


    it's like ear surgery! ha-ha!
    I already anticipated that it would be really painful especially because mine's on the bone area but it wasn't. I wasn't at all!
    He said he needs to be really careful because it's near my neck, he might kill me! I got so nervous after that - I wouldn't wanna die in a tattoo parlor!
    with the artist, Loni. He's so nice and talented. Great work!
    And here's mine! Musical notes because I love music more than anything in this world. (Music) It's something I think I'm natural at.
    we're like old friends with the artist after 2 days of tattoo sessions and cases of beer!

    he took a lot of pics of us in his cam! hehe.. I guess he likes us too!

     Now I'm inked for life and I love it! I'm actually thinking of doing it again. Definitely, soon! xxx

    Monday, January 14, 2013


    After almost 8 months, we're finally together! People, this is my love! I am so happy right now.. If only my father's around to see me this happy..

    Hugs & kisses to you all coz im getting a lot right now! Mmmwuah!

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    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    What I Wore Last Week (Dec. 27 - Jan. 6)

    I was gonna write about what happened last weekend when I went out with my friends (where we had too much to drink, some of us had amnesia! Ha-ha!) but I was too busy (or lazy?) to open my laptop. I downloaded pics from my phone, thus the size. I have to change its settings.

    Anyway, my WIWT status right this second is:

  • 103
  • 47
  • 431K

  • The above status already includes 3 of my outfits this week. Right now, I am the # 2 trending user. I went from # 1 to # 2, and then # 7, then # 5, and then # 2. Another proof that life is a rollercoaster ride - a not so serious proof but still a proof nevertheless. You don't think I'm serious right? Ha-ha! Well, there's not much outfit change because I had vacay and I chose to just stay in most of the time. So in lieu of the outfits, I uploaded pics of my shoes instead. And guess what, 2 of them are Editor's Picks! Woot!

    So here they are:

    11th EDITOR'S PICK
    Sole Desire (Distributed by People R People
    top: July, shorts: M & Co., bag: XOXO, shoes: Janilyn, earrings: Avon
    Thanks Kristel del Rio for the photo!
    tee: Folded & Hung, skirt: Forever 21, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Guess, belt: Unknown
    Thanks Kristel del Rio for the photo!

    dress: XOXO, jacket: Flea Market, tights: Giordano, socks: Forever 21, shoes: Primadonna, bag: XOXO, neckpiece: Unknown

    Sole Desire (Distributed by People R People)

    dress: Flea Market, belt: Aldo, bag: XOXO, shoes: Janilyn, bracelet: Unknown
    Thanks April Galado for the photo!

    10th EDITOR'S PICK

    dress: from Maria Clet (aka Mommy Bebeth) - Forever 21, shoes: Sole Desire Distributed by People R People), bag: XOXO

    tank: Topshop, shorts: Vesper, flipflops: Havaianas, bag: Sundance
    'Til next week! xxx

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