Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's Isla's 11th month birthday today and she will leave for the US tomorrow. Oh, the thought of it makes me teary-eyed. I'm really trying to not give in to my emotions because if I would, I wouldn't stop. I would really, really, really miss her. And I now feel the urgency to be with her coz there's very little time left. I don't want her to sleep! I look at her, and I want to cry. I MISS HER ALREADY! She's the sweetest, smartest, and funniest ever..


Thursday, September 27, 2012


I work in a call center company supporting US and Canada and 2 days ago, I got busted for being rude during a call. Below is what I have to say about it (emailed to Sup):

From: Tilao, Sheenah
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:48 AM
To: ********

Subject: RE: ..

It's never my intention to be rude. I am not like that.

You know when you're teaching someone and you're so lost in thought that you can't hear what everybody on the background is saying anymore? that's precisely why I didn't hear her trying to make a conversation. I was thinking of the best way for her to understand the situation so that this won't happen again.

I was really surprised with how the consultant reacted, to be honest. I never thought that she felt that way. I never thought that I sounded rude. I didn't feel that she's upset during the call. If I did, I would've apologized and explained that I just wanted her to know what went wrong, partly because there's a survey after the call but mostly because I really wasn't being rude to her. The truth is , I was disappointed myself because my effort to help her was being misinterpretted by her  no less. I mean, it's not easy to explain a situation to someone who's already frustrated and who seemed to really have no clue of what she's doing. It's even more disapppointing because I can't blame her.

I would like to emphasize that yes, I agree that I did sound rude. But during the call, I didn't know I would. I only knew when I listened to the call myself.

I can't promise this won't happen again because I didn't do this intentionally. What I can promise though is that I will avoid this happening again. I will improve my tone and avoid sounding too business-like.

'Nuff said.. xxx

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lost But Will Be Found

For the past 3 months I haven't done the ff:
- plan my outfit
- manicure/pedicure
- run/exercise
I wasn't busy actually. I let myself lose in love, which is such a wrong move. I forgot that there's life outside love. I forgot myself.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Funny

February 6, 2007 - TUE - 4:16 AM
OMG! I read in my last year's diary that I was actually the one who texted ****** ******* ***** first!!! OMG! Eeeeeeewwwwww!!! I can't imagine jud! WHY DID I DO THAT?????? The entry's dated 11/30/2006 - THU - 11:25 am. As in SUPER YIKES!
Anyway, I feel so sexy today! Ay tonight diay! I was wearing my very thin black blouse, snake-skin mini (faux), velvet black pumps, RL bag.. As in! I feel like a BOMBSHELL! Hahaha! Honest! Y BINUANG! Hahaha!
Hehe.. As in! Hahaha! I can't believe I COULD BE SEXY!
This is from my 2007 diary and I had so much fun reading it yesterday! I just couldn't believe it! hahahhaha!
I realize that there are things that you don't normally do/feel but at one point in your life you end up actually doing/feeling it and when you realize (or read from your previous diary) that you did/felt it, you end up laughing at yourself or actually puking! hahaha!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Yesterday was the 11th monthsary of my father's murder and I was with my future sister-in-law's family on their Cebu South trip!  It was crazy! They were crazy! Actually I knew them already. They're friends with my family eversince the world began. Ha-ha! During the whole roadtrip, we just talked about my Father. We miss him so much. Anyway, here are few of our pics:
 Isla and I at the Whale Shark site. I was letting her immitate a facial expression and she didn't care! Ha-ha!
 At the Aguinid Falls - "three-storey" falls. Am i this fat now???? Oh, well. It was super nice. I don't like falls that much but this is different. Truly a gift of nature. Of course, our day there didn't end without me injured - I tripped, which is pretty much what I do all my life. I AM THAT CLUMSY.
 The boatmen were nice enough to let Isla try their boat paddle - all it took was her showing them her "monkey face". My niece is such a trooper!
 Whose little feet are those? Ü.. My niece on her first 'footspa" experience!

We stayed at Noblesse Resort. This time, it was only me and my younger brothers Kab and Mac2, my cousin Titi, my future sister-in-law Che2, and our star, Isla. The staff's nice but they don't have food and beverage. Yeah. My brother and cousin had to go somewhere to buy food and beer. We stayed up late by the beach talking about life. It was nice. I love my family. They're truly the best. I'm one lucky girl.
 My younger brothers Kab and Mac2, and our cousin Titi.

The pool. It wasn't that big but it's clean. And the view's nice.
 Family Room - Php 3,500. One Queen , 3 single-size bed
 The Garden - I had fun showing Isla the plants.
Seaside View. This was where we were last night. It was cloudy so there wasn't a single star.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Crush Is Crushed

yup, i no longer like him.. as in! i misjudged him big time! duh...(eyes rolling).. so yeah, he turned out to be this ginormous devil!! waaaaahhhhh!!! thank heavens!

WIWT (What I Wore Today)

My site: - It's a UK-based site and it started from Poppy's blog. Everyday, she takes a picture of her outfit, and since she's a good dresser, people patronized her blog. And the rest, they say, is history.

My Stats:
63k Kudos
4 Editor's Picks

I love dressing-up. Of course I have lazy days as well. The truth is, I don't care. I dress for me so I wear whatever I want to wear. And most of the time, I am overdressed.
I'd like to think that I am a pretty decent dresser. I thought it's enough for me to join the WIWT cult (ha-ha!). Not to brag but I have a pretty much high stats.. Ü.. I stopped uploading pics 2 months ago because my cam no longer works and I gained weight. Now, I am starting to be fit again so I will be back to uploading pics anytime soon!
Here are my fave outfits (click pic for bigger view):
top: thrift shop (colon)
harem pedal:
VesperCollection Vesper
wedge: Sole Desire
bag: Salvatorre Ferragamo
bowtie: ayala dept. store (men's accessories)

dress: flea market
Forever 21
bag: Parisian
neckpiece: thrift store
shoes: marikina shoe exchange

blazer: Forever 21
inner top: Topshop
leggings: XOXO
shoes: Janilyn Shoes
neckpiece: thirft store

dress: flea market - one of my best buys ever!!!
ALDO Shoes
bag: SM dept store
Janilyn Shoes

top: ukay
shoes: Sole Desire
chain: from
Salvatore Ferragamo bag
Nine West
top: Forever 21
skirt: july
shoes: Forever 21
belt: CMG
top: XOXO
harem pants: thirft store
Janilyn Shoes
baglet: Sophie Paris
earring: avon
jumpsuit: Topshop embellished with pearls by moi
bag: SM Department Store
shoes: Sole Desire
jumpsuit: AW Fashion (Ayala Cebu)
earrings: avon
red pumps:
Sole Desire
bag: my mother's gift from my papa)
top: Topshop
leggins: Topshop
bag: Clinique
shoes: sole desire
 dress: Genevieve Gozum (SM Cebu)
shoes: Boardwalk
bag: SM Department store
Vesper Collection

Here are my Editor's Pick outfits (click pic for bigger view)::

dress: thrift store
bag: SM Accesories
shoes: Sole Desire
tee: people r people (my brother's - mac2)
Forever 21
boots: marikina shoe exchange
socks: department store
bag: Samsonite (my papa's)
bracelets: skull - given by my friend era
rasta bracelet - my youngest brother's (mac2)
tee: Puma (my younger brother's - kab!)
Forever 21
shoes: Parisian
bag: Samsonite (my papa's)
bracelet: ayala dept store - men's accessories
dress: Nicole Miller
skirt:  flea market - given by my friend era diaz
Leaveland Shoes
bag: Sylvia Santos
belt: Absolutely Fresh by Prestige US
Fashion is fun and limitless - be courageous, daring, and imaginative! xxx

Monday, September 17, 2012


So it was payday last week and I swore I'd do some shopping. It's been a while..errrr, a month I think. So here are my new stuff:

 I can't believe I just found my very first Maxi dress at a kid's store! The green/orange polka dot maxi is just perfect, especially the length! I'm gonna have to buy a skintone or metal belt and a slip-on (glads or hobo type) to complete the outfit. I got it from Blush.
The black/white dress is made of jersey fabric. It's hemline is uneven and I like the yellow botton detail. I also got it from Blush.
Blush has just become one of my top brands!
The booties I got from Parisian at 50% discount for Php900. I wouldn't buy it if it wasn't on sale.
 The above dress-and-shoe combo is for my love, my niece Isla! I'm tired of seeing babygirls in pink that's why I chose this Blue/Red/White combo. The shoes is probably too big for her but it's ok coz it'll fit her when she learns to walk. The dress is from Baby Me and the shoes are from Sugar Kids. I bought these for less than Php1000!

Hurray Payday! xxx

Meeting NEXXUS Band

They originally sang "I'll Never Go"! And I had a photo op with the composer of the song himself, Frank Singcol! They're really cool people! phone cam so it's not of good quality.. Ü


Sunday, September 16, 2012


the fact of the matter is, we're all not the same..
what you think the person's thinking/feeling may be wrong..
everything could always go either way..
there's always "this" and "that"..
don't think of the "this" only..
understanding is the key and YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT..


You say something.
You get misunderstood.
You become frustrated.
You question yourself.
You think the situation over and over again.

And then you realize..

He's just not smart enough.

Past-Midnight Snack

I'm so fond of experimenting with food that sometimes, my cooking/concoction tastes weird. This is one of those. You guys know how peanut butter and jelly taste good together? Well, I discovered a duo that would definitely top it! It's this:

This is Cheez Whiz/Maple Syrup. It's the perfect marriage of saltiness and sweetness, plus the additional flavors of cheese and maple. It's perfect! Try it with Iced Tea and you're good to go! x

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Knowing Me, Knowing You

It's annoying when people have their own version of you without exerting effort to talk to you for more than 15 minutes but at the same time, it's amusing because it shows how narcissistic they are to think that they know everything (about you at least). How can they pass an opportunity to know something more??

There are a lot of people I dislike in this world but I don't just stop at disliking them. If I have time, I'll know them because it gives me a view on another aspect of life. It not only makes me know more about him/her,  it also helps me know more about myself and how I react to someone like him/her. Call it nosy, but I call it learning - it's something we shouldn't stop doing.


If I don't have time though, I let him/her live his/her life in peace. I will not judge. I am too blessed to. 

Anyway, all of this ranting has something to do with this mug I got as a birthday gift from our account, although my thoughts "kind of" escalated a little bit..hehe.. I've been working here for 7 years and while I really appreciate their thoughtfulness, I am also a little bit frustrated that they'd think I'd like this:

It's pretty and pink, but it's not me. I don't even like pink. Maybe it's because I am kikay and  OA. Unfortunately for me, they stopped at knowing me as just that.. Sad..

At least it's not ugly.. ☺

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Because He's Worth It..

He asked me to give him time and I did. And in the process I had been hurt. Try loving someone and telling him that everyday and he doesn't tell you back - IT'S HARD AS HELL! But I told myself, if what he was, and, how we were are the prizes  I am going to get by waiting and suffering, then they're both worth it. So I cried a lot, stayed, and waited.

And HE is worth all the pain. "WE" ARE.. I am filled with joy right now - ♥ jumping up, down, up, down, up, down............


Friday, September 7, 2012

Does Pain Erase Love?

I hope. I'd love to stay in love but the pain is slowly eating me up. Can it kill my feelings instead of myself? I know I said in my previous blog ( that I will forget about the past.

It's hard.
I can't.

I hope that the day will come when I will no longer have questions - does he or doesn't he care for me? Is there still hope? I know it could go either way but at least I'd have answers. I hate uncertainty. It's killing me.

Singing My Heart Out

Saturday, ‎August ‎18, ‎2012, ‏‎11:10:13 AM - This is what happens when I'm sad.. sorry neighbors! ha-ha!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm going to talk about love because I AM IN LOVE - with my pretty, witty, and crazy 10-month old niece Isla Isabelle!

She is such a doll! It's amazing how she makes me happy, especially when she laughs. I want to protect her from people (especially guys) who will hurt her in the future! THAT thought made me cry. I didn't even like kids before. I mean, they're cute and all but I'm not fond of them. haaayyy.. I wish she'll stay but she won't. I'd be very sad when she leaves. waaaahhhh! She's the most awsome kid ever!

So, LOVE.. I realize it's the same, regardless of who you're in love with - friends, lover, family. You're sad when he/she is sad, happy when he/she is. You want to protect him/her. You don't want to hurt her/him but when you do, you also do everything to erase the pain, even if the whole process hurts you like hell. You want that person to stay, but if going away will be good for her/him, you're willing to let him/her go..

Now, i'm sad..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When Someone Refuses To Listen

Subtly tell him/her over and over again until he/she actually does - just catch him/her in a good mood. Depending on the situation, I really can't cite an example on this but today, I made a person see my point. I've been trying to, for the past 3 months.

Indeed, sometimes, 1 word isn't enough for a wise man.

Monday, September 3, 2012


So, I just discovered that I can connect online through my phone. Yahoo!! I've had my phone for almost a year now! Yeah.. I'm one of them technophobes.. sad..

Anyway, I literally just woke up. I'm home now, with my family whom I love so much. I slept in the guest room and my youngest brother just went in, turned the aircondition to "high cool", and I had to get out. I haven't had breakfast yet. I'm in the sala, facing my murdered Father's picture. I miss him so much. I am sad.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Isla Isabelle, Our Love!

My niece - super pretty! Our little princess! ♥♥♥

I Had An Epiphany This Afternoon While Drinking My Daily Glass Of Anlene Choco!

I am a thinker. I think of the postive side of something and at the same time, I think of its negative side. From there I weigh things. I'd like to think that I am smart and fair that way. Call it overthinking or shit, I don't care, I am just that way. If I think of something negative, I ask the person concern right away and it's becuase I need confirmation if what i'm thinking is correct, NOT that i've confirmed that what I'm thinking is correct. If I've already had a confirmation, then I wouldn't have asked.

Anyway, so it's one of those "thinking" sessions this afternoon when I was left alone in my brother's apartment. I thought about this whole love situation that im in right now and i've reached to a decision.

What's been making me cry is the past; how sweet, how consistent, HOW GREAT HE WAS! And he's no longer all that- and that's what's been hurting me. So, I've decided to just FORGET ABOUT HOW HE USED TO BE AND LIVE WITH HOW HE IS NOW. Because maybe, who he really is, is what's he's showing now. Probably then (when he was super sweet), he was just caught up in this whole lovecrap. It's not that I don't have faith in him and in our relationship because frankly without faith I wouldn't have waited this long (1 month and 1 day). It's just that I think it's the most practical and intelligent way to deal this situation. I am not going to expect anything from him because I honestly think that he's not capable of being who he was anymore. He has changed.

So, cliche as it may sound but past, indeed, is past. I'll forget all of it. I will live today, and from here on, I will decide if he really is the right guy for me. I mean, the guy isn't opening his heart to me still, what's a girl to do? I love him so much, but it's not always about love..