Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Something Calm.. ♥♥♥

Hello guys! You know how we always talk about the person who makes us laugh/smile/giddy/giggly - and everything else that would somehow transpire to that silly look on our faces? That person who brings butterflies in our tummies? I'm just thinking, how about that person who makes us feel relaxed, and calm, and just our plain old selves - no hassle, no fuss? Doesn't he/she deserve to be talked about too??? I'm just saying.. ♥♥♥

*not my photo*
Have a good one! xxx

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Remembering Boracay

I am happy today because my Vacation Leave got approved and I am going to Boracay next month. What's more exciting is, I will be with my crazy friends Douey Joy and Vanessa Rhea!!! It's going to be a blast, I'm sure. Oh gosh.. OH GOSH!!!!!

Anyway, I was the there April of 2010 with my other girlfriends and I had a blast as well and so today I'm going to share with guys our pics.

To my friends from other countries, I'm sure you've heard of this paradise. You NEED to be here if you visit my country. You NEED to experience Bora..


*you guys might not recognize me - i was thin then! hahaha!*

my younger brother Kab went with my and my girlfriends

I met VJ Alvey of Channel V! HE.IS.HOT!!!

the sunset is breath-taking..

you guys have to try Fly Fish!!!

something to show my future grandkids.. what's wrong with my skin in here???

Boracay is like a city in an island. This is Station 2. If you want pure silence, go to Station 1.

these crazy women made our vacay super fun!!!

Caramel Mac on the beach - perfecto!

a stroll..

powdery white sand..

and of course we went island hopping!

this is the day i discovered that I am actually scared of deep-diving..

yeah, i know how to open a bottle using a spoon. I grew up with 3 brothers and male cousins!

tequila shots!

one of our brekkies..

if only this is a clear shot.. :(

this is right after our all-you-can-eat dinner.. and lookie, my brother and I both wore pink! hahaha

massage on the shore - i didn't like it. the sand's all over my body, it's rough..

and i met this hunk of a dude! he's from the dance group Philippine All-Stars

and this was on our way home.. we were sad..
Exactly a month from now, I will be back there. I am beyond excited. I can't wait!
Godspeed! xxx

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Wore The Past Two Weeks (I've Been Busy!)

Hello guys! Where have I been? I've been busy with schoolwork and that other stuff in my life called love. Ha-ha! Yes, I have fallen in love again and I actually have mentioned him once or twice before. Excited to show you guys pics of us but for now, it's all about my clothes.

I was # 1 in WIWT for 6 days last week and right now I am # 3. You can also still follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Chictopia. Links of which are on the right side of the screen.

Also, since I am inspired, I've been doing a lot of music lately and I will be posting vids of my work soon too! That is if I'd be able to gather all the guts and nerves I'd need!


blazer: Forever 21, dress: Flea Market, shoes: People R People, bag: Nine West, watch: Esprit, necklace: AW Fashion
This is an updated version of one of my outfits last week.

top: Forever 21, leggings: Topshop, shoes: People R People, bag: Parisian

dress: A Boutique in SM City Cebu, slippers: Rusty Lopez, bag: Nine West

top: Forever 21, leggings: M&Co., shoes: People R People, bag: Sophie Martin

dress: Flea Market, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Topshop

top: Topshop, skirt: Rummaged, shoes: Nine West, necklavce: Ferragamo

dress: Flea Market, shoes: Janilyn

dress: from Marie Grace Malanog, boots: Parisian, bag: Sophie Martin
top: Topshop, shorts: My Brother's, shoes: People R People, necklace: Ferragamo
'Til next week! xxx

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (August 26 - September 1)

So, I just came from a quick vacay. And now that I'm back at work, I'm sure you all know how I feel. NOT GREAT. But I am refreshed, de-stressed, and calmed. Oh I had a lot of things in my mind lately, I forgot to bring sunblock lotion. Yeah, things you forget when you're packing hurriedly and when you're pre-occupied. My friend is going to leave today and I am sad. :(

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter coz I post a lot of itty-bitty things about life and everything else there (if you're interested). Links for both are on the right side.

Here are my outfits uploaded on WIWT where I'm currently the # 2 trending user. Last week was a showcase of my great flea market finds, purchased 5-7 years ago. I love going to flea markets, I just don't have time anymore, which is sad.


top: Flea Market (this would be the last time you'll see this top as I am going to give this to my friend Vanessa Rhea Labesig.. Yes mads, it's coming! hahah!), jeans: Red Logo, footwear: Janilyn,bag: Sophie Martin, bangles: Thrift Store
top: Flea Market, skirt: Flea Market, shoes: People R People, bag: Rummaged

top: Missy, leggings: Sundance, shoes: Flea Market, bag: CMG

I learned an important lesson that day: NEVER GO TO A BIRTHDAY PARTY (if it's not yours) WEARING RED! Oh gosh! I was so embarrassed! And I came there as my friend's plus-one! Man..
dress: Get Laud (from my cousin Hazel Yap), shoes: Nine West, baglet: Nine West, bracelet: Mags (ok, so there's no flea market item on this outfit, but my dress is free?! Ü)

dress: Flea Market, shoes: People R Poeple, neckpiece: AW Boutique, watch: Esprit
romper: Maldita, flipflops: Ipanema, shades: i2i, hat: thrift store
Pic by Douey Joy Cagud

bikini cover-up: Vesper, sunglasses: i2i
Sun-basking! It was hot and I love it!
Pic by Douey Joy Cagud.

'Til next week! xxx

Sunday, September 1, 2013

In Paradise

Hello everyone!

So last night, I went to see an MMA event with my friend Briane and I had a really, really awesome time. I don't have pics of it because silly me didn't bring my camera! I'll check if he still has the pics he took from his phone cam & I'll share them with you guys. :)

The event finished past midnight. I had to pack as fast as I could because at 2am, I and my other friends Douey and Andi were going to Bantayan Island! 

And right now, I'm here, on the shore, in this paradise island. I looooove it here. I'm here at least once a year. It's silent, breezy, & breath-taking.. And I'm listening to lovesongs. What more could one ask for? I am in heaven right now but I'm sad too. A potential good friend will soon bid goodbye. Oh gosh.. :(

Here are few pics of us today:

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