Wednesday, September 17, 2008


what exactly is destiny? for me, it's just like letting things happen.. you know, like you just do what you've always been doing and if something nice or bad happens then that's destiny working. it's something that you don't have control of.
or is it????
i watched My Sassy Girl (American) last weekend and it got me into thinking.. in that movie, the old man said that molding destiny itself is destiny.. is it? do we always need to do something about something? isn't it that if it's meant for you, it's meant for you?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not Just A Little Crush

first of all, let me just shout.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! hahahaha!

so, ok.. whew!

you know, if there's one thing i hate about myself, it's my supernatural ability to just melt whenever i see my crush! hahahahaha! hay nko! after 3 years and some months of working at sykes, i finally found someone - which is good because he honestly makes me happy (yikes!) and which is bad at the same time because, i feel conscious everytime i see him! hahahah! yikes! yesterday, we passed by each other and i felt like there's just me and him and the possibility of me tripping! hahahaha! i hate this! i hate this feeling coz im not like this! i mean, as long as my family and my friends are ok, kiver rajud ko sa world! and now, i look for him everywhere! i always feel like he's just gonna show up or something! gooooossssshhhh! i hate this!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Going To Marry Him!

So, ok.. do you know how a man, when asked about the woman he’s going to marry, he’ll say na he already knew it (that he’s  going to marry her) the first time he met her????

Well, yesterday, I was at SM with one of my closest friends, Julius Benedick Guerra... There was a band – I like them (the girl’s so cool – superb guitar skills, nice sultry voice, nice dress – she’s perfect!)... And then there’s this guy... I saw him from the escalator... Not so tall, lean, nice smile...   Our eyes met... twas like a scene in a movie... And then everything’s blurry na dayon, I could hardly decipher what my friend was saying... All I could hear was the music, “I see trees of green... Red roses too... I see them bloom... for me and you.. ” he’s heading towards us… he sat near us! Gosh! Glances here and there until the band’s done with the set... And then I went home..

Until now, I still can’t forget his face!

I want to marry that man! Hahaha!