Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 RECAP

describe 2013:

My kuya got married at 38!
I became top 1 agent after 8 years, which is more of a joke than an achievement! It felt soooo good. I and my colleagues had a good laugh! hahahaha
I became close to Douey Joy Cagud and Vanessa Rhea Labesig.
Paul Walker died.
Anderson Silva lost his belt.
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom broke up.
I am in love and I never saw it coming! Surprise! ♥♥♥

Here are few of my outfit posts this year. All of my outfit posts are here.

happiest moment:
My 30th birthday! You can read my 30th birthday thoughts here and you can view some of the pics here. Gogogo! Ü

saddest moment:
CHRISTMAS - Although it wasn't bad at all, my family wasn't complete, so there.. :(

most memorable person:
Rafael Nadal - He finished the year back at the top and I couldn't be more proud!

still believe that:
Nothing is impossible with God - this has always been my belief. 

holding back when it comes to love and now i'm happier - happiest even (purya buyag)!

fave place to chill:
Jollibee Panagdait branch, EMTER 4 (my brother's apartment bldg.), Krispy Kreme IT, IT Park, and as of late, our apartment.

frequent companion:
my younger brothers (which is always a happy moment for me!), van and douey, and my super duper love Briane ♥!

best Month:
my birthday month - AUGUST

Best Movie:
The Croods - It reminded me that I had the best Papa in the world!

Worst Movie:
White House Down - It made the POTUS a joke.

Best TV program:
UFC, Gandang-Gabi Vice

Worst TV program:
Jersey Shore

Best book:
It's an old book but I read Paradise by Judith Mcnaught late this year (4th time) and fell in love with it over again..

Newest Idol/s:
Atom Araullo

Best Purchase:
My running shoes - it's the start of a healthier me!

Worst Purchase:
Aldo boots - because it didn't last a year and it's pricey.

Best Place you have been:
Savory Chicken (A Resto) - I was with BF and I was happy that day.. :)

Worst Place:
Aurora - it's sad that my hometown has now become my worst place. It's where my Papa was murdered. The place brings back that memory.

Best Decision you Made:
I broke up with my ex-bf. I wrote about it here.

greatest frustration:
My family and I couldn't celebrate Christmas together.

Worst Decision:
 Harvest my Smurfsville Crops while in Colon and got my phone snatched. It was so traumatic. I was with Therese.

greatest gift:

hardest decision:
Dec. 1, 2013 - I had to decide to whether or not give someone a chance. And I did.

song of the year:
Wrecking Ball - It's so raw and it made me cry.. :( I had the same feeling when I first listened to "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey years ago.

best 5 pesos:
Pan de Sal sa Pan de Manila

best 3 hours:
First shopping date with BF - he bought a Polo Shirt at Folded&Hung. I felt closer to him after that.

bands I saw for the first time:
Rico Blanco and his band - His voice is unbelievable! You have to see and listen to him live.

best day in make up:
My Kuya's wedding - foundation and all. I thought I looked pretty. Kudos to the make-up artists!

what I learn about myself:
What I have been through over the past 30 years has made me trust God even more. I am older, and wiser.. really!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you guys are having a blast right now! xxx

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Destiny (What Is?)

What exactly is destiny?

I have always believed that no one can control destiny. You know, like you just do what you've always been doing, then something happens - that's destiny!

or is it???? 

I watched My Sassy Girl (American Version) last weekend and it got me into thinking. In that movie, the old man said that molding destiny itself is destiny. Is it? Do we always need to do something for something? Isn't it that if it's meant for you, it's meant for you?

Thoughts? Go comment! xxx

Here's hoping this is my destiny right here: ♥♥♥