Saturday, November 23, 2013



so I looked for love songs
to somehow explain how I feel
sure there are nice, great lines
but they're not perfect so here's mine

it's funny actually..
coz first of all I'm already 30!
and I have been in more-than-a-few relationships
now it's different, I am actually happy!

when you're away, I have just my pillow beside me
I smile at it but it wouldn't smile back
and I would miss you even more
coz it doesn't have eyes, so warm, like yours

it sounds delusional, I know!
I guess that's my way to cope
coz I miss, oh how I miss you
cliché, but when you're not around my love, I am blue

and when you're with me I'm all giddy and happy
when I'm wrapped in your arms, I feel free
and calm and loved and serene and at peace
everything's falling into place, everything's easy..

thank you for hugging me back when I hug you
for rubbing my feet against yours when they're cold
and for warning me whenever you fart
All these, from my happy heart...

Happy Birthday Bri! You're the best! I LOVE YOU! ♥

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