Thursday, December 10, 2009

@ Twitter

i love following celebrities there.. i started following MMA stars and one of the fastest tweeters is Chuck Lidell ( he's sooo cool.. he posted a lot of pics and here's one of them.. --- the caption: "Getting ready to get 1 of the 2 total strikes I had all night hahaha"
Once fan commented: "Chuck doesnt bowl. The Pins drop from fear of Chuck. All he does is hold the ball up"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

by Elizabeth Taylor

"My face is something I look at in the mirror when I'm getting ready to make up. It's just a familiar thing that has to have something done to it."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

addicted to computer games - but not the kind you're probably thinking! haha!

So, diba when men or boys play DOTA or Counter Strike, they have rock music on - full volume, cigar, and a lot of cursing! hay nako! i must know, i grew up with 3 brothers! hehe

so last weekend, i did the same thing - minus the cigar.. and yep, there was a little cursing and bragging going on! hahaha! my brother just laughed at me!

my playlist (artists) - TO SET ME IN THE MOOD:
papa roach
queso (or cheese)
** as in wlay HANSON**

my games:
tetris - piece of cake!
battle city - until stage 12 only - this one's hard!

hahaha! hilason kaayo ko no? hahahha! here are pics of me and my bros - they're DOTA freaks (from l-r: kuya, younger bros Kab, and Mamash:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

UFC 104 Results - Am I One Of Many?

before anything else.. i gained weight that's why yesterday (and today pod) i wore an all-black outfit - not because someone died (simbako!).. i also wore my uber favorite GOLDEN WINE Ultra Rich Moisture  24k Gold lipstick from Avon - someone asked me at the office lobby so i thought of sharing..!

so yeah anyway, last Sunday I went to what's dubbed as the "BIRTHDAY OF THE CENTURY" (ate Odette's) and there was a party after the party but i didn't go because it's UFC 104 (delayed telecast) and it was soooo worth my time!

I THINK MAURICIO "SHOGUN" RUA SHOULD'VE WON (main event)! i don't know ha but for someone like me, errrr, a girl, Machida didn't do that much to defend his belt.. it was my first time to see him fight and i heard that he's an "elusive" fighter so i expected a lot from him - kind of like Anderson Silva (they train together and won't ever fight against each other, apparenty)..but they said that if you're gonna fight a champ, then you gotta knock him out, submit him, or really outdo him with the strikes/kicks/punches/whatever to grab the belt.. kanang ilang gitawag na 'sure win' ba.. anyway, it's still the judges' decision.. im looking forward for the rematch though!

Joe 'daddy' Stevenson's looking good! i last saw him against Diego Sanchez and that fight was clearly dominated by the latter.. now, ok na kaayo xa

Cain Velasquez.. he's got a new fan, Mary Rose Rosal, my colleague! hahaha! he won but i think his punches weren't that powerful because if they were then he would've finished the fight way earlier..

i didn't see the rest of the fights, wla nako kaabot.. Ü