Saturday, May 29, 2010

UFC 114 Rampage vs Evans



Rampage vs Evans
Bisping vs Miller
Nogueira (lil Nog) vs Britz (replacement for Forrest Griffin)
Sanchez vs Hathaway
Duffee vs Russow

and daghan pa..

this should be nice! i mean, after all the trashtalking (Rampage & Evans), people aren't expecting anything less! Ü

i'll be @ Durhan Beach (Tabuelan) tomorrow for an overnight luau.. i hope naay tv!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who Will Win AI?


last blog hirit before the finale..

it's not that i dislike Lee.. it's just that i can't feel him (only his nerves!).. he's handsome and maybe nice but i just can't feel his passion for music.. and i don't know if it's just me but he looks exhausted on tv.. and, honestly, i can hear flats and sharps when he sings.. sorry! Ü

if it's base on pure artistry and raw talent, Crystal should win it, no doubt..

but this is just me talking.. a keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer (not at the same time ha) who's in a band that's still stuck in the garage (exaj, we're practicing on studios sad.. haha!)..

actually, this season of AI is not as exciting as the past seasons.. i don't know what's wrong.. i love Ellen and SImon (i swear im gonna miss him!) though.. and i always look forward to hearing whatever Kara and Randy have to say about each performance..

whatevs.. im not excited.. hehe..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Off To.. I DON'T KNOW! Ha-Ha!

Most unexpected beach trip! and i only have Php512 in my wallet! hahaha! i went home ganina @ 2 am (during my lunch break) to pack and i just grabbed whatever's available in my closet (leaving unfolded clothes in my bed! kebs!) still wearing what i wore yesterday during dinner and coffee with T DEE (thanks so much teh! i miz you already!) coz from there i went straight to work, then, ill go straight to wherever we'll be!

spontaneity.. that's the word! gee, i don't even have room reservations! hahahaha

happy summer everyone! mmmmmmwuah!

BTW, happy 13th anniversary to my ate and my bro-in-law! we love you both! char2! Ü

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Finally Over..

Thanks to the 9000+ (i originally posted 8k) people who voted for my father, Flaviano Tilao. It's not enough but SALAMAT JUD. Disappointed? hell, yes! but that's life.. you win some, you lose some.. we've moved on.. Ü
to our Papa, you're # 1 and the only 1 for us! we love you sooooo much!
so, on to my shopping list.. Ü

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today Is Hanson Day!

again, they're the most talented for me.. ummm.. im staring at my monitor for over an hour now trying to find the perfect word to describe their music but i still can't so im just going to quote one music legend, Bono (yep, of U2).. He said their music is "genius".. i think he said it all..

listen to them:

im a super proud fan and will forever be..truly, they ROCK!

follow them on twitter:
their website: