Saturday, March 30, 2013

Summer Started Last Weekend

So, Sunday. I woke up and I got a text message from my youngest brother Mac. He and Kab wanted to go to the beach. What's a big sister got to do? So I grabbed my overnight bag and taxi-ed my way to my brothers.

We went to Moalboal, a beach hub 2 hours away from the city. No, I didn't wear my bikini. Ha-ha!

It was one of the best weekends of my life. My brothers and I just talked, really talked. They've become so mature! At one point I cried. I just missed our Father so much. I love my family. They're all I got.

Here are some pics I took (phone cam):

I was watching Rafa's game. Sorry my love, family first! Ha-ha!
My view from the backseat.

Kab, our driver.

Pit Stop - Ice cream parlor. Theirs is made of carabao's milk.

Pizza Hut's volcano pizza.


This was dinner.

Super beautiful - this pic doesn't, at all, give justice to this view.

Who else? Hahahaha!

Pit Stop

This was dinner.

Ready na!


What's a roadtrip without coffee?

Yes, he eats this way.

In his apartment.

Mac, chilling.

That's my jersey.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (March 12 - March 16)

How was your weekend guys? I hope it was great! Mine was great. Great as in lots of food (see previous entry) so I easily just gained the weight I lost last week.
It's my brother's fault.
It's my colleague's fault.
It's their fault for dragging me along parties and foodtrips! Ha-ha!

Anyway, I wasn't too keen on outfits last week. Actually, I was bored that's why my outfits are boring. I thought about doing a lot of things, including changing my hair (the curly hair's a dry-run) but later I realize that my boredom is deathly that a haircut wouldn't do. I NEED CHANGE. I honestly thought of resigning from my job! And then on Friday night I had an epiphany, I will go back to school. So on Monday I enrolled and on June 18th, I will be a student again! Yahoo!!! I can't wait to wear my kickers again! Oh and while waiting for classes to start, I will just focus on my diet and fitness. I hope to see a leaner and lighter me next month! Goodluck!

Here are my outfits last week (my WIWT stats is at the bottom part of my blog):

dress: Vesper, shoes: Primadonna, socks: Burlington, cuffs: Ayala Department Sotre (Men's Department)
Pic by Lovelyn Sabanal-Sala.
top: Next, skirt: Rummaged, shoes: Linea Italia, bag: XOXO
Pic by Zarife De Guia

top: Forever 21, jeans: Levis, flipflops: Ipanema, bag: XOXO, belt: Unknown
Pic by Zarife De Guia.
tee: Topshop, jeggings: Topshop, flipflops: Havaianas, bag: Rummaged, rings: Unknown
Pic by Zarife DeGuia.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At Sumosam

So after watching UFC 158 on Sunday, my brother & I decided to go for some Japanese grub. Actually, he's craving steak and I love Japanese food. So we went to this restaurant in Ayala Center which serves both. We weren't so crazy about the steak, it wasn't tender and it was poorly seasoned. The rest of the food was superb. I especially love the salmon. It was perfect!

Here are few pictures I took from that day:

This was while we were watching UFC 158.

Salad and Miso soup

My fave! I could eat this everyday, for the rest of my life.

Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken and Tempura. There were 2 tempuras, my brother ate the other one.

Steak and Salmon with Asparagus on the side. The salmon and asparagus were perfect.

my younger brother Kab

hmmm.. i know her.. she looks really familiar..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Happy 30th birthday to my dream, my forever love Jordan Taylor Hanson! These could've been our kids.. Ha-ha!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When The Shoe Fails

You'll end up going home wearing someone else's flipflops!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (Feb. 28 - Mar. 10)

My WIWT stats:

  • 146
  • 61
  • 636K

  • I am so proud to feature a creation from our tailoring! My mother is the best! I will be wearing more of her creations.

    Here are my outfits last week:
    dress: RJM Tailoring (owned by my parents - dress designed by my mother), shoes: People R People, bag: SM Accessories, belt: Unknown
    Pic by Ma. Kristel Del Rio

    tee: Follie, shorts: M & Co, pumps: People R People, bag: XOXO, earring: Unknown
    Pic by Ma. Kristel Del Rio.

    top: Vesper, shorts: Penshoppe, clogs: CMG, bag: Sophie Martin
    Pic by Ma. Kristel Del Rio.

    3/3/2013. DATE WITH MY BROTHER -- shirt, shorts, and slippers are all his! Can you believe I lounge around Ayala Mall wearing those? Yes, I did! I know Starbucks have killer coffee blends but I actually go there for their pastries. They are my absolute favorites - I could eat them forever! That time, I tried their glazed donut and it didn't dissappoint!

    When there's nothing to do! Hahaha! I first sent this to my bf actually who is still mad at me as of this writing (sorry na pig!).

    inner tank: Forever 21, red leggings: Topshop, outer top: Blush, bag: XOXO, shoes: Linea Italia
    Pic by Lovely Sabanal-Sala.

    dress: Blush, footwear: People R People, bag: XOXO
    Pic by Therese Marie Cañete.

    top: Forever 21, skirt: Flea Market (gift from my friend Era), bag: Parisian, shoes: Forever 21, earrings: Unknown
    Pic by Therese Marie Cañete.

    'Til next week! xxx

    Friday, March 8, 2013

    3 . 7 . 2013

    Yeah, it was too bad of a day that I had to make the date the title.

    First, a cop caught me and my friend Therese Marie Cañete jaywalking. It's no fun being caught but the whole experience was. I posted this on FB and my ex-boyfriend commented that he's surprised it's my first time to get caught. Rude much? No. I am such a careless person, anyone would be. Here's my ticket:

    Second, and I don't mean this entry to be dark, but I was robbed yesterday. He got my phone. There was struggling and Therese in fact kicked the robber but in the end I realized, it's not worth my life and my friend's. I mean, what if the robber had someone with him who has gun? There's too much murder in my family, I don't think they can take one more.

    Once again, I realize that life is so short, anything can absolutely happen. So let's love, laugh and live! Be happy! xxx

    Saturday, March 2, 2013

    Age Is Just A Number...NOT!

    I was a party animal when I was younger. I can go on days with just 2 hours sleep. I drank a lot, I smoked (this I'm not proud at all). I was a college student away from home, in the city, with my sorority sisters. I LIVED THE LIFE.

    I'd like to think that I am over it but not really. Because now my body can't take all of those partying anymore. I know if I could, I would.

    I am 29 and I look younger than my age so yes, I was one of those who believed that age is just a number, but I realize now that it's not. Because age comes with decaying body. I get tired easily now, my metabolism is so slow, I'm not that agile anymore, although the latter has probably something to do with my being F-A-T! Plus, I have backaches, cramps, and the evil cellulite. Argh! I am not complaining. I mean, everyday I wake up and I thank God for it. And, the older I get, the wiser I become ( I believe! Ha-ha!). It's just, now I realize that AGE IS REAL.

    And while I am definitely not pressured about getting married, I am kind of nervous about not having a kid anymore. And I want one (or two)! But right now I can't, because there's a lot of things I still want to do. There's a lot of places I still want to go. So I'm kind of running out of time. I wish I'm still 25. I AM OLD.

    Thoughts? xxx