Saturday, April 24, 2010


which makes me feel guilty coz one of my friends is going through a break-up right now (reina, i hear you.. im just here) but yeah.. oh gosh! i can't stop smiling!!!! WTH!? you know what? if i have a camera right now, id take a pic of myself! i mean, you guys should see it! it's silly! gosh!
ben, ben, ben, ben.. oh ben! Ü
will have breakfast with my gurls in a few.. then ill clean my castle..
HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!! im sooooo loving my tan, btw..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flee Fly Floo.. KILIG!

off 2 Bora in about 5 hours!
and why do i smile whenever Ben tweets (about anything)?! silly! im soooo not over it and it's soooo yesterday! it's super nice of him to reply to a fan like me! ok.. ill shut up now and concentrate on the situation at hand:

and yes, ill be ditching my eyeglasses (i mean, OF COURSE!!) ! im not gonna go there to catch up on my reading! Ü
btw, here's Ben Saunders:

follow him on twitter:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UFC 112

I offically hate ANDERSON SILVA! and for the record, i don't like his voice (it's funny)! I admire Demian Maia for not stooping down to Silva's level.. he's GREAT! and he will kick Silva's butt soon! hell, i wanna beat him (silva) up myself! but he's 6'2, im 4'11.. yeah..

Watching the whole 25-minute fight is a torture.. i mean, who would want to see their fave fighter all bloodied up right? Surprisingly, i didn't cry.. haha! Indeed, only Thiago Alves can make me cry.. again, because he looks like my youngest brother..

i tweeted Demian Maia last night to tell him that he's one of the GREATEST for me! Ü.. follow him:(

Anyway, my father would be upset to know that BJ Penn's ( no longer the lighweight champ.. he's his fave since i-can't-remember-when.. i haven't texted him though.. hehe.. I wasn't able to really concetrate on that fight coz i was too nervous for maia vs. silva.. but i was stunned with the results.. i hated the fact that i didn't have cellphone load then, wla noon ko katext ni Papa and my bros! grrrr!!!

btw, it sucks when i don't have celphone load during UFC fight nights! I couldn't share opinions with my fellow UFC fanfriends!!

Hughes yet again beat another Gracie.. hahaha! 

tsk tsk tsk..

my new crush is Nick Osipczak - he lost and his fight wasn't aired but i saw pics of him on UFC's twiiter ( I first saw him though on Ultimate Fighter (UK vs. US)..

guys, you should really check out UFC's twitter account for some really funny comments on the UFC112 fights!
also, diba i tweeted about Rashad Evans ( and Rampage Jackson's ( trashtalking on twitter? it's actually still going on! it's hilarious!

that's all! it's raining.. no running for me today!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MY BROTHER (Jhunelle aka Kab) IS NOT A PIG!!!!!

he's a super shopper! HAHAHA.. i had a great time with him @ SM yesterday! lupig kos pahak! he already has outfits for our super Bora getaway! and i should say, the man has taste (of course asa pa liwat! ahem..hahaha!).. a million snaps for him!

i wish our other sibs (ate, kuya, mamash) could be with us too but unfortunately d pwede.. too bad.. anyway, it's going to be my first time there and it's nice to share first-time experiences with a family! i love them beyond words..