Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i have a theory that maybe God made us (children) so that when our parents lose their parents, they won't feel so bad coz we're here for them..

my Papa just lost his mother (our Lola) and i can see that he's devastated coz tomorrow's his birthday that's why im trying my hardest to be there for him.. it's the least i can do..

im sad too coz i haven't seen my lola in years and now, im never gonna.. im gonna cry.. hehe..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

UFC 110

happening tomorrow (Philippine time)!!! i hope it's available sa cable namo sa aurora! hay..

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Phone And Hanson

friends, please message me your mobile #s (sa facebook, friendster, twitter, multiply - wherever) coz there's none in my phonebook! ill text you back if it's GLOBE..

yup, i gave in.. after 10 days.. i can live without one, it's just hard not having one.. hehe..

still reading THE SUMMONS .. waaaaahhh... asa kaha ni gikan ang kwarta ay! i average 40 pages per shift (in between calls and chekka - on pdf file).. i should finish this on Monday!
my reading a lot (since i was a child) has taken its toll on me - im almost blind.. one time, my friend told me na wla daw ko nanagad niya - actually wla jd ko kakita niya! sori!!!

HANSON's new album "Shout It Out" will be released this June! watch out for it guys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just About Everything That's On My Mind Right Now

** UFC 109: a lot of GREAT fighters - my fave's DEMIAN MAIA..happy that he can now fight standing although he admitted "it's not the best", which i think is so manly of him..  i still can't believe his knockout loss against Nate Marquardt  (who lost against  Chael Sonnen - which was a great fight, niaksyon jd kog kakulba!)  atong UFC 102 but it happened so kebs nalang.. COUTURE won!! yehey! i expected a lot from the HAMMER but he didn't deliver..
** ASAP: it's probably my most favorite tv show.. I especially love last Sunday's.. HUNKS = HOT! but wait, did i miss it or  they just don't feature bands anymore???
** LOVE: my friend broke up with  his gf.. he said that there are a lot girls out there.. yup, he's right but there's no one like her.. i love my friend but i think it's so obnoxious of him to think that way! i slapped him in the back - now it's bruised! hahaha! THIS IS EXACTLY THE REASON WHY I DON'T WANT MY GUY FRIENDS HANGING OUT WITH MY GIRL FRIENDS!
another friend of mine broke up with her bf..it was a mutual decision but the guy kind of "suggested" - he doesn't have time i guess was the reason because he's at school or whatever? she still loves him and she's hurt.. ummm, i guess if you have a bf who isn't literally and not literally (Ü) there then what's the point??   
** im excited for UFC 110 - Nogueira vs. Velasquez, Silva vs. Bisping, Stevenson vs. Sotiropoulos, Jardine vs. Bader, Cro Cop vs. Rothwell, etc..there's no doubt in my mind that Nogueira will go home the victor
** THIAGO ALVES (luv him) will fight against Jon Fitch on UFC 111.. im scared coz he lost the last time they fought, and Jon Fitch's 3 inches taller..but just basing on the way they both fought GSP, Thiago Alves should win it - I HOPE!!!

my youngest brother mamash looks like Thiago, diba??? hehe..

** i miss hanging out with NIMPA band and the rest of the gurls - watch tag movie na!!!
** i was with sue, drol, fab, and erwin last saturday ! i had a blast - LAUGHED A LOT! had beer for the first time in months! miss you guys already! Drol, TC nganha ha - msg me if u hav sumthing to say or otherwise (just put a period or something)! Sue, laag nata with BB Zyd! Fab, atribido but ok ra ky interesting sad bya imng mga comments - ang uban! Win, thanks sa spaghetti!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tiger Woods Masks

I found a photo of Tiger Woods masks from CNN.. they kinda look like ARN-ARN of GMA Channel 7, just darker.. hehe..
The latest aid for men seeking unbridled romance is on its way to finer stores near you.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Tip

If it's not meant to be then, and it still isn't meant to be now.. then take your firm, cellulite-free tush off of dreamland and find someone else coz it's NEVER gonna happen!