Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's Theresita!

Venue: Dong Juan
             Kasambagan, Cebu City

They say there's no such thing as "free lunch". Apparently they're wrong because Therese treated me to lunch yesterday and I couldn't be happier! Hahahaha! Therese is one of my closest friends on earth. The core of our friendship is conversation. I learn a lot from her because her POV's totally different from mine and I get to see and realize that my way's not always the right way.

Ther, next time na pod! Ü

Btw, food's great, as always! Dong Juan is one of my favorites. If you go there, try their pastas and burgers. Easy on the ordering though because their food's heavy and rich. Ü

Here are our pics:

all-meat pochero

polka dot ang theme! hahahaha

chicken wings!

Be happy! xxx

What I Wore Last Week (July 22 - July 28)

I've been thinking of what to write as introduction to this what-i-wore-last-week blog and whenever I start a topic, I can't seem to put words together to make sentences to make paragraph/s! So here are my thoughts:
*I met someone my family will hopefully be in business with and I was in awe. He's someone I aspire to be.
*I lost 10 lbs already! Yup, I just patted myself at the back.. Hahahaha!
*I am envious of KC Conception because she's one of the 8 people TAYLOR HANSON follows in Instagram.

All my pics were taken by Matthew Abellanosa and he also selected what photos to upload.
Thanks Matty!!! It was super fun! I owe you! And since I look slim on the pictures, you are good! kfinewhatever (eyes rolling)! Hahaha! 

So here are my outfits this week uploaded in WIWT. I am the # 2 trending user right this very second. I am still on Chictopia.
tank: Forever 21, leggings: XOXO, shoes: Nine West, bag: Parisian, watch: Avon, rasta bracelet: from my brother Mac2
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74951/

tank: Forever 21, skirt: from Era Marie Diaz, shoes: Nine West
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74861/
top: Vesper, jeans: Whoops, boots: Parisian, bangles and bracelets: Aizylim, watch: Avon
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/75020/

top: Forever 21, shorts: M & Co., shoes: Nine West, bag: Parisian, earrings: Avon
link: http://wiwt.com/outfits/75085/
top: Forever 21, jeans: Levis, boots: Follie, bag: my father's, watch: Avon, hat: Thrift Store, rasta bracelet: my brother's, other bracelets: mixed
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/75141/

dress: Forever 21, shoes: Nine West, bag: Rummaged, necklace: Aizylim
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/75203/

The person behind the camera, my dear friend Matthew Jose Abellanosa! He's shy.. Hahahaha!

Behind the scenes - click the pic for really large view!

'Til next time! xxx

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Again With The Monkeys --- ♥♥♥

Ok. So it was raining like hell on Saturday night and I am deathly afraid of lightning and thunder so you can just imagine how ecstatic and relieved I was when I received a text message from my younger brother Kab that he and our youngest brother Mac2 were gonna fetch me! I swear I was just in the corner of my room lighting a candle! So out I went to be with 2 of the people I love the most and here are our pics (click for larger view) starting with..
Dinner at Casa Verde. I've eaten there a million times and their Brian's Baby Backrib is my absolute favorite! It's a must-try if you guys go here (in Cebu). My brothers on the other hand love steak so they had the Surf 'N Turf. The steak's flavorful and jiucy and the shrimp's not overcooked. Good food, great company, AND thunder-free - what more can I ask for?

We slept early that night ( I even missed Iron Chef US which is such a bummer because it was a special episode) and had an early breakfast at Pan De Manila, IT Park. We had old school Philippine breakfast, Pan De Sal with Hot Chocolate. It was a cold morning with a hot beverage - reminds me of home..

So let me show you guys how we do it in the Philippines:

Kab's apartment was a mess so we helped him tidy it up a bit. I volunteered to clean the toilet. I love cleaning toilets! It's a stress-reliever for me.


I love cooking for my family. Here are Garlic Shrimp and Hot Squid.

For dinner we went to Persian Palate. I've actually been there thrice before and I remember ordering their Curry. 

I have to publish this pic because Mac2 took it.

That time, my brothers and I felt a little adventurous and tried 3 native Persian dishes; Baba Ganoush, Samosas, and Beef Eskender Kebab. We also had Royal Paella. For drinks I had Ginger Tea, which is "Salabat", and my brothers had Lemongrass Tea which tasted like liquid lemongrass. If you've only seen my brothers' faces when they tasted their drinks - so funny! They ended up ordering soda.

The food was delish but everything's so flavorful that my taste buds were literally confused! I think we ordered the wrong food combination. We were full in no time. We had a lot of leftovers. I had the same feeling when I was at Maya, which is a Mexican restaurant.

Monday brunch. I woke up to cook for the monkeys - aren't I the best sister? Hahaha! Fried Beef Loaf, Fried (and crunchy) Dried Squid, and Spicy Sardines (Señorita).

Monday dinner. At Hukad, Cybergate. Kab's so into Candy Crush.

We had Kinilaw, Chorizo (which I was badly craving for), Tinolang Manok, and Pandan Chicken. Unlimited Rice - go figure! Hahaha!

If you guys notice, I was wearing the same dress for 3 days! In my bro's apartment I wore his clothes but when we go out, I wore the same dress! hahaha!
Remember the series "Brothers & Sisters"? It's one of my most favorite of all time. The patriarch, William Walker said, "Family is the only sure thing in life. Always was, always will be." I believe this too. My family's the best. I'm one lucky lady, I tell you.

'Til next time! xxx

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


NOT! Because it was a weekend and the courts were full. So armed with rackets and large bags containing our sports shoes, we went to the nearest beer pub. And by near, I meant 20 steps. Why do they have to put a gym and a bar in the same compound anyway? Gosh! We finished just 1 bottle though. Then we headed to KFC for some grub and went to the park to play where a guard told us that it's not allowed. Talk about party pooper. Oh well. It's good to go out before the storm. Here are our pics (click for larger view):
yeah, THAT is pineapple! Ü

"we don't even have to try, it's always a good time"  ---  INDEED!

we take turns taking pics.. these were taken by Douey Joy..

and the whitest of them all, douey joy! :)

Have a good one! xxx

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (July 15 - July 21)

Hey guys! I am doing something new to my What-I-Wore-Last-Week blog entry. I'm including all the behind-the-scenes photos! YEAH! So, at the bottom, you can see all the not-so-flattering (and funny!) pics of me! Isn't that exciting? You know my blog's always been about being true and having fun and those pics are me being true and they're hilarious so why not share them with you guys? I hope I am not risking my readership here! HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, all my photos this week were taken by my really good friend Vanessa Rhea Emnas Labesig! I know it's hard to believe this but I am actually NOT a camera-whore and I don't know how to pose because I feel awkward but with Vanessa, I feel so comfortable and it's probably evident in my pics. I just wish I have more time to do this every week/day with her, in different locations. Argh, the luxury of time.. Ü

The trending users link in WIWT is here and right this very second, I am # 2. I am still on Chictopia. Here are my pics! Ü

top: Topshop, skirt: Flea Market, shoes: Nine West, bag: BCBG, hairpiece: Gift from my aunt
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74234/

top: from Roi Aliwanag, leggings: Sundance, shoes: Sole Desire (People R People), bag: Tommy Hilfiger
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74291/

dress: Rummaged, bag: Parisian, shoes: Nine West, neckpiece and rings: Aizylim
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74369/

polo: Vesper, shorts: Penshoppe, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Sylvia Santos
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74533/
dress: Flea Market, bag: XOXO, botts: Aldo, hat: Thrift Store, earrings: Vesper
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74453/
inner top: Topshop, jeans: Freego, boots: Follie, bag: XOXO, neckpiece: Aizylim, bracelet: XOXO
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74612/
ALL CLOTHES ARE MY YOUNGER BROTHER'S (Kab) - I and our youngest brother Mac helped him clean his place.. I know.. I'm the greatest sister! hahaha! Our weekend together's a whole new different story and I will show you guys pics this week.. I'm too proud of my family! ;)
link: http://wiwt.com/outfits/74691/

And the lady behind the photos, my Kumare:

Behind-the-scene! Maybe I should've used a fancy photo editing app but yeah, this is just me and this is just plain old Microsoft Paint! 'Til next time! xxx


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cracked Nails

Ooooopps! Sorry for putting my feet in front of you! Ü.. Anyway, cracked nails.. I tried this on Monday for the very first time. I've seen this on magazines and in WIWT and I thought that it's painstakingly done. Man.. I feel like a hermit. So, my mission this week is to buy one (or two?) of these nail polishes. I want it in red and black.

Where? What brands?

Take care you guys! xxx


Monday, July 15, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (July 8 - July 14)

How's your weekend guys? Mine's great. I ate a lot! Ü

I've been watching The Hills reruns lately and quite unexpectedly, I cried a few times. I mean, I've watched the whole series 5 times for crying out loud! I don't know.. There's just something about friendships that makes me a little too dramatic. Ü.. Anyway, I like the styles of the characters (I heard it's scripted). The setting's in LA so they wear lightweight, breezy clothes. I especially like Lauren's because it's girly and Stephanie's because it has a rocker chic, don't-care vibe. Both look fun! I think my style's a little bit of both. Oh, and I still think Spencer Pratt's a jerk.

Here are my outfits last week. I am the # 2 trending user on WIWT right this very second. You can vote for my Chictopia uploads on one of the links on the left side.

'Til next week! xxx

top: Rummaged, leggings: Topshop, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Parisian (SM)
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73673/

tee: Folded & Hung, leggings: Forever 21, shoes: Flea Market, bag: Parisian (SM)
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73832/

dress: Flea Market, tights: Giordano, shoes: Sole Desire (People R People)
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73771/

top: Topshop, skirt: Flea Market, shoes: Sole Desire (People R People), bag: Rummaged
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73925/

top: Forever sa, leggings: Sundance, shoes: Sole Desire (People R People), bag: Prada

dress: Flea Market, bag: Relic, shoes: Nine West, belt: Aizylim
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74064/

dress: Blush, slippers: Rusty Lopez, bag: Rummaged
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/74139/

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (July 1 - July 7)

Hello guys! So, who I'm loving now is Tom Welling! I've just started watching Smallville. HE.IS.AMAZING! I wish superheroes are real. Or you know, just someone you know you can always count on no matter what. Probably that's what family's for. I miss mine.. Ü

I super duper regret missing UFC 162. I could've watched it with my younger brother live. I can't believe I didn't see Anderson Silve KO'd! Gosh! :(

Here are my outfits last week. The trending users in WIWT are here. My stats on the left side, so is my chictopia page. 'Til next time! xxx

top: Topshop, pants: Vesper, shoes: Syrup (People R People), bag: Prada
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73122/
inner top: Next, cape: Flea Market, leggings: F/X, bag: XOXO, shoes: Nine West, earrings: Aizylim
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73199/

dress: from Marie Grace Malanog, bag: Nine West, shoes: Nine West, earring: Avon
link: http://wiwt.com/outfits/73277/
4th of July - NO WORK!
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73355/

top: from Reina Mae Pestillos, shorts: Vesper, bag: SM Dept. Store, slippers: Havaianas
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73435/
tee: gift from my cousin, leggings: Topshop, flipflops: Havaianas, bag: SM Dept Store
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73515/

dress: Rummaged, shoes: Sole Desire (People R People), bag: Anne Klein
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/73582/