Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello 2014!

I have read somewhere that bloggers are people who are secretly lonely. Apparently, we use our blogs to conceal our lonely hearts. Obviously, I disagree. I'm big on being honest and true and when I'm lonely, I write about being lonely. Oh, well.. Ü

Anyway, I know it's a bit late but -- HELLO 2014!!!

How have you guys been? I am doing so, so great but my, how I miss blogging! I miss my outfit posts, and giving you guys tips, and basically just talking about everything and anything under the sun! Thanks to those who emailed me, asking about my whereabouts - some are worry-emails and I am super duper touched. Guys, I AM FINE. I am having a blast and proof to that is my weight gain. Oh gosh! I can't even face the weighing scale now! Hahaha! Which is the very reason why I don't have any outfit post. I have been wearing the same set of clothes - MY FAT CLOTHES - for the past 2 months! But just as always, I feel fab and my heart is happy.. ♥

My niece Isla is here in the country (from the US) for a 3-month vacay!!! Yahoo! But unlike her past vacays, I don't see her often because they're (brother and future sis-in-law) now living in Talisay, which is far from the city. Also, the weather doesn't help. But Briane and I go there whenever we can. I miss her all the time. She's the sweetest and the smartest! You guys will be amazed! I love her to pieces!! Here's us:

This would be all for now guys. Well, I'll tell you one more thing, I am excited for Valentine's Day! Shhhhh... Hahaha!

Enjoy! xxx


  1. ms. tilao asa na ka ga-work karon? send my regards to your brother......