Thursday, August 29, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (August 20 - August 25)

Hey you guys! I hope you're all doing great! I know I am!

Well, I 've been on a writer's block. Heck I didn't even submit my "fashion contribution" for our account's online publication. I am in a rut - in a blogger's rut.

My life's been a "series of unfortunate events" lately. Just little, really unimportant things, but still unfortunate - ANNOYING. It started on Sunday morning, when I left my keys at home. It was around 4am, I just came from a night-out. My good friend Douey Joy had to climb up the gate of my pad's building. Between the two of us, he's the lighter one so he had to be the one to climb. Thank goodness I'm fat! Haha! Anyway, it's still going on now. Like tonight, on my way to work, I forgot my shoes. I was just wearing my flipflops and I noticed when I was already half my way. Of course I had to go back home. That's just me. I am one clumsy matter.

I am happy because I already hit 1 million kudos on WIWT. I have 1,035,700 to be exact. I've always been on the Top 5 trending users list eversince so thank you sooo much WIWT fashionistas!!!

Here are my outfits last week:

dress: from Reina Mae Pestillos, shoes: Forever 21

top: Adidas (I bought this 10 years ago - when I was in college, and it fits me now!), skirt: Rummaged, tights: Giordano, shoes: People R People, sunglasses: i2i

jumpsuit: Topshop, shoes: Nine West, bag: Rummaged, brooch: from my headband (this ourfit is Carrie Bradshaw inspired although I don't know if I'm at least at par - hahaha!)

dress: Ayala Dept Store, gladiators: XOXO
*my friend Lou, who's a doctor and whose critique I super respect, liked this so I am happy! hehe*

dress: Genevieve Gozum, strappy heels: Boardwalk, bag: XOXO
 'Til next week! xxx

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Love Or Fab?

In the spirit of being true, I am going to write about love. Which absolutely doesn't make sense, I know! Ha-ha!

I have been single for almost 5 months now and yes, I can say that I am loving it. I mean, I've totally forgotten how vast the opportunities and choices a single woman has! No wonder I stayed single for 4 years after breaking up with my exboyfriend before my most recent! I am having the time of my life! Dang! But with recent developments in the love department of my life (geeeez..), I am torn: Love or Fab?

Should I choose to stay single and live fabulously free (which seem to be the more suitable lifestyle for me)? Or should I risk it all again with someone, only to find out that it's just going to be another love gone awry? Eeeeekkk!

For a woman who's tired of break ups (after having more than 5 of them - let's not just go to specifics here.. Hahaha!), how would I know if someone is "THE ONE"?

Am I even ever destined to have someone to be with for the rest of my life?

I've recently broken up with a non-boyfriend, if you know what I mean. And I'm gonna lay out my heart here - I MISS HIM. I care about him so much, I had to protect him from getting hurt. I know I am not yet ready to be in a relationship again so I had to say goodbye.

Or was he just the wrong person?

So many questions, so little me. Oh well.. I guess life is full of questions. And sometimes you have to wait a lifetime for the answers. I just hope mine won't take that long.. Ü

Godspeed! xxx

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (August 14 - August 19)

Hey guys! I have a question, if you like the guy who hurt your friend, what does that make you? Someone told me, "maja salvador". Hahahaha! It's funny but it's true and I understand her now. Tsk. Ü..
Here are my outfits last week:

top: Flea Market, pants: Bench, shoes: People R People

jumpshorts: AW Fashion, wedge: Flea Market, bag: Parisian

dress: from THailand, bag: XOXO, shoes: People R People

dress: Vesper, shoes: cheap Korean brand, bag: Nine West

tee: Reebok (obviously!), jeans: Mossimo, slippers: Rusty Lopez, bag: Nine West, watch: Avon

This was after our crazy disco on Satuday night. See my face all sweaty!
top: Topshop, leggings: Foever 21, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Parisian, rings: Aizylim

 'Til next week! xxx

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My 30th Birthday Pictures

I would like to share with you guys pics from my recent 30th birthday! I celebrated it a lot of times and the conclusion was last Saturday's disco where I danced like there's no tomorrow, my bones are still aching! Whew!

Thirty years on earth is something. I am excited for the future! I can't wait to be 40! Enjoy! xxx

AUGUST 10, 2013
my brother, Kab, treated me to lunch on my birthday! Thanks Kab!!!
This was at Crab King, a Singaporean style restaurant. I told the waiters that it's my birthday and voila, special treatment! Or maybe they're really just nice.. Ü.. Anyway, this is a huge, HUGE crab and it's delish but pricey.

On the night of my birthday, I treated myself to my first love: ROCK N ROLL!!! My friends Vanessa Rhea Labesig and Douey Joy Cagud went to the Tanduay T5 Party. It's in an open field and there was a lot of people. I came to see my favorites Wolfgang and Rico Blanco! I had a blast! Remember Woodstuck? Yup, it felt like it!

Rock N Roll means oily, make-up free face! hahahaha!

AUGUST 11, 2013
I went to see my family in Cagayan de Oro city the next day. This is my birthday cake! It's from Red Ribbon. This is huge and it's cheap at Php 650. We just bought flowerettes. Oh and btw, I was the one who put the candles that's why it's crooked. Decorating isn't my niche.

and the obligatory cake pose! hahahaha! my ate (elder sister)  had dinner catered! thanks te! This is the pic I uploaded on WIWT.

my cousin Hazel, my aunts Jean and Teresa, and my uncle Rey

my cousins dj and damdam - they've grown!!!

This moment right here is priceless. These are my siblings.. I don't know what to do without them..

AUGUST 12, 2013
and the queen of my heart, my mother! I had fun taking pics of her while we're in the hotel. She's the strongest person I know.

This is at Seda Hotel. There's triple red alert but it didn't stop us from having fun! My family is the best! Of course we miss our Papa, but I know he's just right there with us, having fun as well! Ü
August 17, 2013
And the disco at MO2! It was a bomb! I had to take my shoes off! Actually, I didn't really dance. I was jumping and jogging and shouting - all at the same time! hahahaha! Van gave me my tiara - it was so pretty! It suited douey more but it was mine so I wore it!
Again, THANK YOU!!! It was my best birthday, more than anything because I was with my family! My family rocks! And just like the cliche, I must have done someone right to deserve them.. Godpseed! xxx

Monday, August 19, 2013

Surfin' Ribs

Location: Surfin' Ribs
G & A Arcade N. Escario St. corner Tojong St.  Cebu City 6000
It was such an unplanned dinner. My friend Zilfa Javier and I went to this uber cool resto near Ayala Mall. There's been a lot of hype about it and I just simply HAVE to visit. And it lives up to its hype - and maybe a little bit more. The food's delish, service is great (the crew's super friendly), and it's CHEAP.
Their specialty, the ribs, is ok. The sauce is a little too strong for my taste. It's not that tender also. Still, my most fave ribs in the world is at Casa Verde.
The Cheesy Penne appetizer is really cheesy. It's so heavy we didn't finish it. I do'n't really like pasta, but this is one of the best I've tasted.
The Prawns in butter and garlic is the yummiest! It's not overcooked and the sauce is just impeccably seasoned. You guys have to try it!
For dessert we had Leche Flan. It's the second most delicious I've tasted. The first is at Mesa. It's just Php 45!
Check our pics:

i'll be back to try their crab claws, pata, and chili wings!

the unfinished bricks adds a lot of character to the place

zee's rack's bigger than mine! it's unfair! hahahaha

i had the spicy ribs. not really a "man vs food" moment.. I mean, i can easily take this without a sweat! .

one word: SUPERB!

this literally melts in your mouth..

mmmmm... cheese..

both are super creamy and heavy, we didn't finish them. But they're delish!

Washing hands isn't gonna be a chore! haha!

the resto has these funny posters on their walls.

'Til my next eating adventure! xxx

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (August 5 - August 11)

It was my birthday week! I went to Cagayan de Oro City to be with my family over the weekend and I had a blast. Like really had a blast! I will post pics soon!

Today my stomach contains coffee, coke, sting, samurai, coffee, KFC fully loaded meal, and now another coke. I have midterms this whole week and my most difficult subject's going to be on Friday, which is my vacation leave, thank goodness! Whew! I only had 4 hours to sleep. That's in between exams, outfit shoot, and business meet-ups. I can't wait for this week to be over..

All my photos are still by my dear, dear friend Matthew Abellanosa. Thanks Matty! You're the best! Ü

Link to WIWT's trending users is here. I am # 3 right this second. Links to my other accounts are on the right side. Follow me if you're not sick of me yet! Haha! Here are my outfits:

tee: Forever 21 (my ate's), harlems: Vesper, boots: Parisian, headband: from my aunt, belt: Aizylim

dress: Rummaged, boots: Aldo, earrings: Avon

tank: Topshop, leggings: Forever 21, shoes: Forever 21, bag: Chanel, watch and earrings: Avon, bracelets: Aizylim

dress: From My Ate, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Sundance, bracelets: Aizylim
my whole outfit (except sa sunglasses) Reina Mae Pestillos! sunglasses: I2i

dress: July, shoes: People R People

 'Til next week! xxx

Saturday, August 10, 2013

MY BIG 30!!!

Today is my 30th birthday - it's almost over! I remember when I was young, while looking at pictures of the candidates for Ms. Universe (it was my secret dream until I stopped growing..Ü), everytime I see a 24-yr old candidate, I'd think, "Man, she's old.." Wow..

I've been excited for this day eversince I could remember! I read that being 30 means being mature, having a lot of options, having people believe in you more because "you've been there", being financially independent, having lived life (or most of it), and most importantly, having known who you really are and what you want and being secure about your whole being. Well guess what, THEY'RE ALL TRUE! At least for me. I am more confident now because I am more faithful (God is awesome!). I have more understanding about the world and the people around me. Plus, I was able to fulfill 8 out of 10 of my what-i-need-to-do-before-i-become-30 list, which isn't bad at all! I'll let you in on some of the things on my list:
*get a tattoo (which is so "A Walk To Remember" of me) - I got 2!
*tell someone I truly and deeply love that I truly and deeply love him (last year, I broke up with my ex-bf but I realized that I still truly and deeply loved him so I told him and I got him back! We broke up eventually this year. It was my first time to do it and until now, I can't believe I did it! Ü)
*know which alcoholic drink would literally KO me (it's vodka.. )
*go to Luzon (I toured Ilocos where I had the most nerve-wrecking experience of my life - SANDUNES!!!)
*go back to school (just went back 2 months ago)
*find the perfect church..

No, marriage isn't one of them. Ü

I couldn't be happier, you know. I'm in my best health, my family's solid as ever and I will be with them tomorrow (I'm really EXCITED! My flight's at 6 AM and I'm all packed!), I have just become the TOP AGENT at work (for the first time and hopefully not the last), I am top 3 in my class which is a feat considering that I work at the same time, AND, despite everyone not liking/loving me (which is of but natural), the people who matter do. LIFE.IS.GOOD. I just wish that my father could be here, or my niece Isla. But, as they say, you just can't have everything.

Oh gosh! This is suppose to be a happy blog but it's turning out to be a sad one. Well, I guess deep inside, I am sad. I miss my father so much. Actually, that's been the story of my life since he's murdered. I have the happiest moments, and then I remember I don't have him anymore and then I become sad. Life's never the same without him. I have been so strong through all of it but there are times when I become human again and just cry. And that brings me to my wish. I wish that justice for my father's murder will be served. I WISH FOR THE TRUTH.

Thank you so much to those who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WeChat. And to those who called and texted me. I really appreciate it. Lastly, to all of you guys who are not sick of my face yet (don't be! Ü) and keep on checking (and reading) my blog, SUPER DUPER THANK YOU!!! May God shower you with so many blessings like He has me. I'll share pics soon! xxx

no filter, no make-up, just pores! hahaha!
Pic by Matty.

Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (July 29 - August 4)

Greetings from my cube at work! You guys have no idea how much I ate last weekend. OMG, the rice! I've never told you this but I actually haven't been eating rice. Well maybe once a week and I can't even believe it. I was such a rice eater and I'm just not craving for it anymore. LIFE.IS.GOOD! Ha-ha!

All pics are still taken by my friend Matty. He's free and available so there.. Ü.. And it doesn't hurt that I am having so much fun the whole time!

Anyway, here are my outfits last week posted in WIWT.. The trending users are here where I'm currently # 3!!! I personally think that my pictures are better and I don't even want to take credit for that. It's because I have just bought a new camera, and well, probably my friends are good photographers! Oh, and I am still on Chictopia. Links on all my site/s are on the side so go follow me! Enjoy!

dress: from Vanessa Rhea Labesig, shoes: People R People, bag: Parisian, earrings: Aizylim, gold chain: Ferragamo

dress: Forever 21, shoes: People R People, bag: Parisian

top: AW Fasshion, shorts: M & Co., shoes: Shoebox, bag: Sophie Martin, earrings and bracelets: Aizylim

top: Flea Market, jeans: M & Co., shoes: Nine West, bag: Sylvia Santos, watch and earrings: Avon, bracelets: Aizylim

top: Flea Market, wide-legged jeans: Forever 21, shoes: People R People, bag: Jessica Simpson, earrings and bracelets: Aizylim

top: Thirft Store, shorts: Guess, boots: Boardwalk, hat: Thrift Store

dress: What A Girl Wants , inner top: XOXO, shoes: People R People, ring: Aizylim

Behind-the-scenes (click for really large view):

'Til next week! xxx