Saturday, August 10, 2013

MY BIG 30!!!

Today is my 30th birthday - it's almost over! I remember when I was young, while looking at pictures of the candidates for Ms. Universe (it was my secret dream until I stopped growing..Ü), everytime I see a 24-yr old candidate, I'd think, "Man, she's old.." Wow..

I've been excited for this day eversince I could remember! I read that being 30 means being mature, having a lot of options, having people believe in you more because "you've been there", being financially independent, having lived life (or most of it), and most importantly, having known who you really are and what you want and being secure about your whole being. Well guess what, THEY'RE ALL TRUE! At least for me. I am more confident now because I am more faithful (God is awesome!). I have more understanding about the world and the people around me. Plus, I was able to fulfill 8 out of 10 of my what-i-need-to-do-before-i-become-30 list, which isn't bad at all! I'll let you in on some of the things on my list:
*get a tattoo (which is so "A Walk To Remember" of me) - I got 2!
*tell someone I truly and deeply love that I truly and deeply love him (last year, I broke up with my ex-bf but I realized that I still truly and deeply loved him so I told him and I got him back! We broke up eventually this year. It was my first time to do it and until now, I can't believe I did it! Ü)
*know which alcoholic drink would literally KO me (it's vodka.. )
*go to Luzon (I toured Ilocos where I had the most nerve-wrecking experience of my life - SANDUNES!!!)
*go back to school (just went back 2 months ago)
*find the perfect church..

No, marriage isn't one of them. Ü

I couldn't be happier, you know. I'm in my best health, my family's solid as ever and I will be with them tomorrow (I'm really EXCITED! My flight's at 6 AM and I'm all packed!), I have just become the TOP AGENT at work (for the first time and hopefully not the last), I am top 3 in my class which is a feat considering that I work at the same time, AND, despite everyone not liking/loving me (which is of but natural), the people who matter do. LIFE.IS.GOOD. I just wish that my father could be here, or my niece Isla. But, as they say, you just can't have everything.

Oh gosh! This is suppose to be a happy blog but it's turning out to be a sad one. Well, I guess deep inside, I am sad. I miss my father so much. Actually, that's been the story of my life since he's murdered. I have the happiest moments, and then I remember I don't have him anymore and then I become sad. Life's never the same without him. I have been so strong through all of it but there are times when I become human again and just cry. And that brings me to my wish. I wish that justice for my father's murder will be served. I WISH FOR THE TRUTH.

Thank you so much to those who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WeChat. And to those who called and texted me. I really appreciate it. Lastly, to all of you guys who are not sick of my face yet (don't be! Ü) and keep on checking (and reading) my blog, SUPER DUPER THANK YOU!!! May God shower you with so many blessings like He has me. I'll share pics soon! xxx

no filter, no make-up, just pores! hahaha!
Pic by Matty.


  1. Aww! Happy birthday!! I loved this post! I'm not 30 yet, but reading this is making me feel positive about my future! Brilliant post! Hope you have a great birthday!! xx

    1. Thank u quirkyengineer! Be excited for the future because it's gonna be fab! Positivity is the key! Xxx

  2. Happy happy birthday, sheen! I wrote a message, a long one but I accidentally deleted it grrrrrr ... Hope you had a blast on our day! Miss you and our times together

  3. Hahahaha Di ko kabalo Kay dili ma post ug wala ko account... Si doki diay ni. Haha

    1. I miss u dok!! Hope to c u in singapore!!!

  4. Happy bday sheen. Sad pud ko about your dad, hope naa na jud justice sa ya death. Nice idea nang list b4 i got 30 da. Matry daw. Hehe.always enjoy reading ur blog di lang ka comment kai bz (ellenjoy)

    1. Nice maglista joy ky maningkamot jud ka na matinood! So do ur list now &goodluck! Thanks agaun dor reading my blog!