Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 RECAP

describe 2013:

My kuya got married at 38!
I became top 1 agent after 8 years, which is more of a joke than an achievement! It felt soooo good. I and my colleagues had a good laugh! hahahaha
I became close to Douey Joy Cagud and Vanessa Rhea Labesig.
Paul Walker died.
Anderson Silva lost his belt.
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom broke up.
I am in love and I never saw it coming! Surprise! ♥♥♥

Here are few of my outfit posts this year. All of my outfit posts are here.

happiest moment:
My 30th birthday! You can read my 30th birthday thoughts here and you can view some of the pics here. Gogogo! Ü

saddest moment:
CHRISTMAS - Although it wasn't bad at all, my family wasn't complete, so there.. :(

most memorable person:
Rafael Nadal - He finished the year back at the top and I couldn't be more proud!

still believe that:
Nothing is impossible with God - this has always been my belief. 

holding back when it comes to love and now i'm happier - happiest even (purya buyag)!

fave place to chill:
Jollibee Panagdait branch, EMTER 4 (my brother's apartment bldg.), Krispy Kreme IT, IT Park, and as of late, our apartment.

frequent companion:
my younger brothers (which is always a happy moment for me!), van and douey, and my super duper love Briane ♥!

best Month:
my birthday month - AUGUST

Best Movie:
The Croods - It reminded me that I had the best Papa in the world!

Worst Movie:
White House Down - It made the POTUS a joke.

Best TV program:
UFC, Gandang-Gabi Vice

Worst TV program:
Jersey Shore

Best book:
It's an old book but I read Paradise by Judith Mcnaught late this year (4th time) and fell in love with it over again..

Newest Idol/s:
Atom Araullo

Best Purchase:
My running shoes - it's the start of a healthier me!

Worst Purchase:
Aldo boots - because it didn't last a year and it's pricey.

Best Place you have been:
Savory Chicken (A Resto) - I was with BF and I was happy that day.. :)

Worst Place:
Aurora - it's sad that my hometown has now become my worst place. It's where my Papa was murdered. The place brings back that memory.

Best Decision you Made:
I broke up with my ex-bf. I wrote about it here.

greatest frustration:
My family and I couldn't celebrate Christmas together.

Worst Decision:
 Harvest my Smurfsville Crops while in Colon and got my phone snatched. It was so traumatic. I was with Therese.

greatest gift:

hardest decision:
Dec. 1, 2013 - I had to decide to whether or not give someone a chance. And I did.

song of the year:
Wrecking Ball - It's so raw and it made me cry.. :( I had the same feeling when I first listened to "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey years ago.

best 5 pesos:
Pan de Sal sa Pan de Manila

best 3 hours:
First shopping date with BF - he bought a Polo Shirt at Folded&Hung. I felt closer to him after that.

bands I saw for the first time:
Rico Blanco and his band - His voice is unbelievable! You have to see and listen to him live.

best day in make up:
My Kuya's wedding - foundation and all. I thought I looked pretty. Kudos to the make-up artists!

what I learn about myself:
What I have been through over the past 30 years has made me trust God even more. I am older, and wiser.. really!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you guys are having a blast right now! xxx

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Destiny (What Is?)

What exactly is destiny?

I have always believed that no one can control destiny. You know, like you just do what you've always been doing, then something happens - that's destiny!

or is it???? 

I watched My Sassy Girl (American Version) last weekend and it got me into thinking. In that movie, the old man said that molding destiny itself is destiny. Is it? Do we always need to do something for something? Isn't it that if it's meant for you, it's meant for you?

Thoughts? Go comment! xxx

Here's hoping this is my destiny right here: ♥♥♥


Saturday, November 23, 2013



so I looked for love songs
to somehow explain how I feel
sure there are nice, great lines
but they're not perfect so here's mine

it's funny actually..
coz first of all I'm already 30!
and I have been in more-than-a-few relationships
now it's different, I am actually happy!

when you're away, I have just my pillow beside me
I smile at it but it wouldn't smile back
and I would miss you even more
coz it doesn't have eyes, so warm, like yours

it sounds delusional, I know!
I guess that's my way to cope
coz I miss, oh how I miss you
cliché, but when you're not around my love, I am blue

and when you're with me I'm all giddy and happy
when I'm wrapped in your arms, I feel free
and calm and loved and serene and at peace
everything's falling into place, everything's easy..

thank you for hugging me back when I hug you
for rubbing my feet against yours when they're cold
and for warning me whenever you fart
All these, from my happy heart...

Happy Birthday Bri! You're the best! I LOVE YOU! ♥

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Years Ago..

Two years ago, my Father was shot 5 times, the most fatal was in the head. He died shortly after. That was the darkest day of my life. Everything's never the same.
I pray and I believe that someday, JUSTICE will be served.
Papa, no man can ever top you in my heart. I miss you so much.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10.15.2013 (Cebu Earthquake)

At around 8 AM yesterday a magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit my beloved city, Cebu. And it was really traumatic. I was at work, under my station. Apparently, it lasted a minute but it seemed like forever and in my mind I was like, "this will soon stop, this will soon stop" and when it didn't, I just surrendered and prayed. I honestly thought I was gonna die. But then it stopped. And then we all ran out of our builing, to Cartzone. I remember calling my friends' names to check if we're all together. And we were.

I was clasping my phone hard. I needed it to call my loved ones, to find out if they're ok. And they were, except my younger brother Kab. I couldn't reach him! You see, he also lives in the city and few minutes before the earthquake we were still messaging each other so naturally I was worried sick! It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I broke down in the taxi, the driver tried consoling me, which I really appreciate. But nothing could make me feel better. I went to his apartment, he's not there. I roamed around IT Park crying. It was hell. And then, someone called, "Nang!" It had to be my brother. And it was. And I cried again. Finally, and I know this might sound selfish but to hell with everything, my brother was safe and whole and it was all that mattered.

The whole afternoon I was with my super friends Douey Joy and Vanessa Rhea, with Yaggi, Van's pet. We were jumpy because of the aftershocks and also probably because we were watching Prison Break Season 2. But despite that, I was able to take pics of me and Yaggi. I am not into pets (or animals) and I haven't been this near to an animal before (but of course I don't hate them, I just don't like the smell) so this, right here is really a photo op. I thought, the world might end today, I need to do something I haven't done before. Plus, Yaggi just took a bath so there..

Right now, there's still aftershock every few minutes. They say it will last for about 3 days. I don't know. But I will pray, always, for my loved ones, and for my country. May God bless the Philippines..

Below are pics of my room. I haven't checked if my keyboard's ok. Kiver na!

I was exhausted, stressed, and hungry. I felt like I just came from war. So I ate a lot at dinner. We went to Yu-Yu-Tei at the Gallery. Food's ok, not amazing. 

I went home, talked to bf (for a much needed loving feeling), and prayed for safety.

Just like everybody else, I woke up every aftershock. Here's hoping today will be better. Take care you guys! xxx

*read about the earthquake - BE AWARE*

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Story Of My Hair

Hey guys! Did curling irons exist 5 years ago? I don't know, but I just bought one and it's amazing! Before, it would take 8 hours to curl my hair. Now, 15 mins and I'm all set! I don't even need to put on hairspray! TECHNOLOGY HAPPENED, thank goodness!

*you can click on pic for larger view*

I haven't forgotten you guys (of course not)! I don't know what to write these past few days. I don't have outfit pics. I have been busy with life. Plus, the boyfriend was here the whole week last week so you can just imagine me all giddy and happy! Hahaha!

Hopefully next week, my life will be in its normal order.
Hopefully, I'll have outfit pics.
Hopefully, I'll have idea puke.

And then you'll be be sick of me - I hope not!

PS: Below are pictures of my natural hair. I'd like to think it's like Carrie Bradshaw's but that'd be like shooting the moon! Hahaha! I've always had my hair rebonded/straightened eversince I could remember and the reason why I do is straight hair's easier to manage. Curly hair means wax, anti-frizz serum, leave-on conditioner, etc. - and that's way too hassle for lazy me. Ü

brace-face - spell AWKWARD!

with my girlfriends - my "roman era" look - was so pale!

Take care you guys! xxx

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Something Calm.. ♥♥♥

Hello guys! You know how we always talk about the person who makes us laugh/smile/giddy/giggly - and everything else that would somehow transpire to that silly look on our faces? That person who brings butterflies in our tummies? I'm just thinking, how about that person who makes us feel relaxed, and calm, and just our plain old selves - no hassle, no fuss? Doesn't he/she deserve to be talked about too??? I'm just saying.. ♥♥♥

*not my photo*
Have a good one! xxx

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Remembering Boracay

I am happy today because my Vacation Leave got approved and I am going to Boracay next month. What's more exciting is, I will be with my crazy friends Douey Joy and Vanessa Rhea!!! It's going to be a blast, I'm sure. Oh gosh.. OH GOSH!!!!!

Anyway, I was the there April of 2010 with my other girlfriends and I had a blast as well and so today I'm going to share with guys our pics.

To my friends from other countries, I'm sure you've heard of this paradise. You NEED to be here if you visit my country. You NEED to experience Bora..


*you guys might not recognize me - i was thin then! hahaha!*

my younger brother Kab went with my and my girlfriends

I met VJ Alvey of Channel V! HE.IS.HOT!!!

the sunset is breath-taking..

you guys have to try Fly Fish!!!

something to show my future grandkids.. what's wrong with my skin in here???

Boracay is like a city in an island. This is Station 2. If you want pure silence, go to Station 1.

these crazy women made our vacay super fun!!!

Caramel Mac on the beach - perfecto!

a stroll..

powdery white sand..

and of course we went island hopping!

this is the day i discovered that I am actually scared of deep-diving..

yeah, i know how to open a bottle using a spoon. I grew up with 3 brothers and male cousins!

tequila shots!

one of our brekkies..

if only this is a clear shot.. :(

this is right after our all-you-can-eat dinner.. and lookie, my brother and I both wore pink! hahaha

massage on the shore - i didn't like it. the sand's all over my body, it's rough..

and i met this hunk of a dude! he's from the dance group Philippine All-Stars

and this was on our way home.. we were sad..
Exactly a month from now, I will be back there. I am beyond excited. I can't wait!
Godspeed! xxx

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Wore The Past Two Weeks (I've Been Busy!)

Hello guys! Where have I been? I've been busy with schoolwork and that other stuff in my life called love. Ha-ha! Yes, I have fallen in love again and I actually have mentioned him once or twice before. Excited to show you guys pics of us but for now, it's all about my clothes.

I was # 1 in WIWT for 6 days last week and right now I am # 3. You can also still follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Chictopia. Links of which are on the right side of the screen.

Also, since I am inspired, I've been doing a lot of music lately and I will be posting vids of my work soon too! That is if I'd be able to gather all the guts and nerves I'd need!


blazer: Forever 21, dress: Flea Market, shoes: People R People, bag: Nine West, watch: Esprit, necklace: AW Fashion
This is an updated version of one of my outfits last week.
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78472/

top: Forever 21, leggings: Topshop, shoes: People R People, bag: Parisian
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78720/

dress: A Boutique in SM City Cebu, slippers: Rusty Lopez, bag: Nine West
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78267/

top: Forever 21, leggings: M&Co., shoes: People R People, bag: Sophie Martin
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78872/

dress: Flea Market, shoes: Janilyn, bag: Topshop
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78956/

top: Topshop, skirt: Rummaged, shoes: Nine West, necklavce: Ferragamo
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78802/

dress: Flea Market, shoes: Janilyn
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78649/

dress: from Marie Grace Malanog, boots: Parisian, bag: Sophie Martin
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78339//
top: Topshop, shorts: My Brother's, shoes: People R People, necklace: Ferragamo
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78558/
'Til next week! xxx

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (August 26 - September 1)

So, I just came from a quick vacay. And now that I'm back at work, I'm sure you all know how I feel. NOT GREAT. But I am refreshed, de-stressed, and calmed. Oh I had a lot of things in my mind lately, I forgot to bring sunblock lotion. Yeah, things you forget when you're packing hurriedly and when you're pre-occupied. My friend is going to leave today and I am sad. :(

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter coz I post a lot of itty-bitty things about life and everything else there (if you're interested). Links for both are on the right side.

Here are my outfits uploaded on WIWT where I'm currently the # 2 trending user. Last week was a showcase of my great flea market finds, purchased 5-7 years ago. I love going to flea markets, I just don't have time anymore, which is sad.


top: Flea Market (this would be the last time you'll see this top as I am going to give this to my friend Vanessa Rhea Labesig.. Yes mads, it's coming! hahah!), jeans: Red Logo, footwear: Janilyn,bag: Sophie Martin, bangles: Thrift Store
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/77646/
top: Flea Market, skirt: Flea Market, shoes: People R People, bag: Rummaged
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/77568/

top: Missy, leggings: Sundance, shoes: Flea Market, bag: CMG
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/77495/

I learned an important lesson that day: NEVER GO TO A BIRTHDAY PARTY (if it's not yours) WEARING RED! Oh gosh! I was so embarrassed! And I came there as my friend's plus-one! Man..
dress: Get Laud (from my cousin Hazel Yap), shoes: Nine West, baglet: Nine West, bracelet: Mags (ok, so there's no flea market item on this outfit, but my dress is free?! Ü)
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/77803/

dress: Flea Market, shoes: People R Poeple, neckpiece: AW Boutique, watch: Esprit
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/77738/
romper: Maldita, flipflops: Ipanema, shades: i2i, hat: thrift store
Pic by Douey Joy Cagud
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/77942/

bikini cover-up: Vesper, sunglasses: i2i
Sun-basking! It was hot and I love it!
link: http://wiwt.com/user/XINALIA/78012/
Pic by Douey Joy Cagud.

'Til next week! xxx