Wednesday, February 26, 2014

♥♥♥ LOVE DAY ♥♥♥

Belated Happy Valentine's!!!

In between being at the hospital for a week and rehab, I now have just been able to share pix from Valentine's day. Apologies. Actually, Briane wasn't here on that day as he had to go on a business trip. We saw each other the next day, the 15th (which is our 5th monthsary), at around 2 am. His flight's delayed and the waiting really sucked! Plus my right cheek got soooo big due to my swollen tooth. Talk about luck on love day! I looked funny actually. Ha-ha! Anyway, despite that, I had a blast because I got to spend it with family, at my brother's house. Love was definitely in the air! Check out my pix:

I woke up with this!!! It's from my younger brother, Kab! It's already brown and withered because I just took this photo and obviously, it's been days since Valentine's.. Ü

My afternoon Valentine walk with my darling niece, Isla. I was teary-eyed when she picked up a pink flower from the ground, gave it to me and said "Happy VALENTIMES day, Auntie Nangnang.." My heart melted.. I'm so gonna miss her when she leaves.. She's just the sweetest!
*Langging is my nickname*
Those who are really close to me know that I'm a sucker for hugs and kisses! Now you guys do too! It's my stress-reliever. Briane said that he knew this would be the perfect gift the second he saw it and he couldn't be more right! He also posted a pic of himself with a huge heart on my Facebook wall captioned, "happy hearts day my langging...i love you!!!mmmwahhh".. I am so, sooo lucky! Ü (Bri, you are truly the best, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!) ♥♥♥
Briane and I spent our 5th monthsary at Kab's house (my youngest brother Mac and cousin Titi was there too!) where I cooked Pancit Canton and indulged in some not-so-heavy drinking.

That awesome weekend resulted to my being at the hospital. But, who cares? My love day was spent with some of  the people I truly love and that's all that matters. I miss my Papa though.. :(

Thank you guys for sticking with me! I hope you get all your hearts' desires!!! Here's a big HUG from me to you all! xxx 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Cooking Time


I believe I have written about my love for cooking before and that's what I've been doing a lot lately. I invent recipes most of the time and they're not always edible (haha!) to be honest but still, I give myself snaps for trying. Anyway, I had to say goodbye to my inventing skills since now, I'm not only cooking for myself but for Briane also. And my go-to site for recipes is Del Monte Kitchenomics. I have tried most of their recipes and they're good. They're also affordable and nutritious. Go check the website out! Ü.. Below are some of my cooking and one of Briane's - these are the yummy ones (proud)!

Monggo, Pancit Canton (my specialty! Ü), Pork Soup, Dilis, Briane's Hotdog "kinda" Omelet, and Chicken Adobo Aloha

You guys can email me for the recipes. Actually, I will only be able to give you the ingredients because the quantity is according to my liking. You guys can then adjust according to yours.
Happy eating! xxx

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello 2014!

I have read somewhere that bloggers are people who are secretly lonely. Apparently, we use our blogs to conceal our lonely hearts. Obviously, I disagree. I'm big on being honest and true and when I'm lonely, I write about being lonely. Oh, well.. Ü

Anyway, I know it's a bit late but -- HELLO 2014!!!

How have you guys been? I am doing so, so great but my, how I miss blogging! I miss my outfit posts, and giving you guys tips, and basically just talking about everything and anything under the sun! Thanks to those who emailed me, asking about my whereabouts - some are worry-emails and I am super duper touched. Guys, I AM FINE. I am having a blast and proof to that is my weight gain. Oh gosh! I can't even face the weighing scale now! Hahaha! Which is the very reason why I don't have any outfit post. I have been wearing the same set of clothes - MY FAT CLOTHES - for the past 2 months! But just as always, I feel fab and my heart is happy.. ♥

My niece Isla is here in the country (from the US) for a 3-month vacay!!! Yahoo! But unlike her past vacays, I don't see her often because they're (brother and future sis-in-law) now living in Talisay, which is far from the city. Also, the weather doesn't help. But Briane and I go there whenever we can. I miss her all the time. She's the sweetest and the smartest! You guys will be amazed! I love her to pieces!! Here's us:

This would be all for now guys. Well, I'll tell you one more thing, I am excited for Valentine's Day! Shhhhh... Hahaha!

Enjoy! xxx