Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Story

he saw me first at my drabbest.. promise! I remember that day, I was just wearing one of my 90-yr-old PJs and i was ranting about how hot that day was, i was sweating like a pig - that was summer of last year. i remember him being so nice.. days after that i received a text message from  him.. and then probably a month after, we had our first date.. we dated for 3 months and then September 2007, there was "us"..  
the relationship gave me a hard time, especially because then i was at my busiest! OTs, my friends, and the band.. until one day, he told me that i wasn't making time for the relationship so I had no choice, I ended it - i had a blog entry entitiled, "and then he's gone", "perfection", and, the few other blog entries after that, i was talking about him. He was just too "perfect" i couldn't keep up. so there.. but even after that we still saw each other once in a while.. actually, often.. hehehe.. then i realized that not being in a relationship is far more complicated.. and then i said my last goodbye. it was final.. or so i thought..
we never had communication after valentines day. i mean, he didnt't text me so i didn't text him. after we broke up, i wouldn't text him unless he textes me first - it's to do with delikadesa - im a girl! hahahah! so there.. and then last week, he just showed up at my doorstep and told me he needed and he wanted me back.. and at that moment, i realized that i needed and i wanted him back too.. so there.. it happened.. kami napod.. hehehe..