Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coz With Music..

the feelings just flows.. with the ambiance.. the weather..
i went to the bank yesterday.. in the taxi, the music's, "though you're someone in this world that i always choose to love, from now on, you're only someone that i used to love.. "... and it's raining.. then i cried..
i honestly didn't know why! i mean, im not going through anything emotional these days (except that i miss my family soooo much) and i don't have problems.. nothing, at all, is bothering me! hahahaha! so why did i cry? is it because of my never ending battle with my emotions for the "love-of-my-life"????? but i wasn't thinking about that yesterday, promise! hay ambot! kiver!
and so the driver said, "nakahinumdum ka sa imong kagahapon, mam"? - with matching smile which actually looked funny.. i told him, "dli nong oy.. kusog man gud ang aircon maong nakahilak ko..".. wiping my tears.. then the driver looked at me, so confused, and then said, "seryoso ka mam?"  then i replied, "bitaw nong, makahilak jud ko ug kusog ug aircon.. palihug tag pahinay beh.." i must've looked so serious then coz he believed me! so
gipahinayan niya ang aircon and went on driving but was constantly looking at the mirror after.. heheh.. mao ra.. bow!
makes sense? murag wla! hahahaha!

maybe i just miss matty..

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