Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Going To Marry Him!

So, ok.. do you know how a man, when asked about the woman he’s going to marry, he’ll say na he already knew it (that he’s  going to marry her) the first time he met her????

Well, yesterday, I was at SM with one of my closest friends, Julius Benedick Guerra... There was a band – I like them (the girl’s so cool – superb guitar skills, nice sultry voice, nice dress – she’s perfect!)... And then there’s this guy... I saw him from the escalator... Not so tall, lean, nice smile...   Our eyes met... twas like a scene in a movie... And then everything’s blurry na dayon, I could hardly decipher what my friend was saying... All I could hear was the music, “I see trees of green... Red roses too... I see them bloom... for me and you.. ” he’s heading towards us… he sat near us! Gosh! Glances here and there until the band’s done with the set... And then I went home..

Until now, I still can’t forget his face!

I want to marry that man! Hahaha!

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