Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Broke My Heart And Made Me Write This Poem?


i've been waiting and waiting and waiting
now,im tired..
im tired of comparing other guys to you
im tired of being insecure to this girl who.. gosh nevermind!!!
i wanna be free!
i wanna be free of this insecurity!
i wanna be free of you!
get out of my life!!!!

i so hate it when i read or hear love stories
or watch movies
or see lovers and married couples on the streets..
and then all i could ever think of being like that with is you...
or when I watch band gigs
or flowers, a perfect summer day, white sand, blue waters, sports event, fog..
or when I eat my most favorite food
and all of the beautiful things on earth..
and then all i could ever think of being with is you..
when i share jokes with friends,  i'd laugh so hard, i'd cry..
when i take pictures...
when i make songs and poems and when I dance like crazy..
I wish im doing them all with you..
im tired of waiting..
but i love you..
and i can't love anybody else..
i don't have the heart to..
written: December 07, 2006 - THU - 12:36 pm


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