Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

do you feel independent and free? coz i sooo do! haha
im gonna be at the Outpost tonight to celebrate independence day with some great music, great food, and really great friends!
this week's been a little emotional for me and i need a little pick-me-upper although nothing really major happened i just had to take care of some stuff that had me sleepless for 3 days becuase it's hard to make someone understand something, i literally blew my mind out and really, it's so frustrating when you anticipate for something and then when it happens it's just so-so and also, it saddened me that i have to let go of someone becuase everything's not the same anymore, there's been a lot of changes and finally Rafa lost yesterday but now finally i accept the fact that some things are really just beyond our control and all we can do is move on with our lives and be happy! sorry, word puke!

anyway, it's gonna be UFC 115 tomorrow featuring 2 of my most fave fighters Chuck Lidell vs/and Rich Franklin! that's gonna be really awesome! here are the other fights:
Cro Cop (i hope he'll win) vs Barry
Thiago vs. Kampmann
Rothwell vs. Yvel
Condit vs.MacDonald
 Wilks (vs. Sobotta) and Griffin (vs Dunham) are also 2 of those i like in the UFC so i hope their fights are gonna be aired on tv

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