Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Cooking Time


I believe I have written about my love for cooking before and that's what I've been doing a lot lately. I invent recipes most of the time and they're not always edible (haha!) to be honest but still, I give myself snaps for trying. Anyway, I had to say goodbye to my inventing skills since now, I'm not only cooking for myself but for Briane also. And my go-to site for recipes is Del Monte Kitchenomics. I have tried most of their recipes and they're good. They're also affordable and nutritious. Go check the website out! Ü.. Below are some of my cooking and one of Briane's - these are the yummy ones (proud)!

Monggo, Pancit Canton (my specialty! Ü), Pork Soup, Dilis, Briane's Hotdog "kinda" Omelet, and Chicken Adobo Aloha

You guys can email me for the recipes. Actually, I will only be able to give you the ingredients because the quantity is according to my liking. You guys can then adjust according to yours.
Happy eating! xxx

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