Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So ok, it's already May and my life's been a little chaotic.. from my 1-hour late, to my tight budget (some accounts receivable na i think ma-thank you lang.. hay sakit!), and to my realization that im literally stuck in a rut.. and, although my relationship's steady, i felt certain changes in the way that i feel.. here i go again with my feelings.. i call it "the it's-not-you-it's-me baby stage".. hehehe.. which is really disappointing because i thought i've changed.. it's always been like this.. me falling in love like crazy and then just suddenly, it's gone.. like, in a snap.. hayyy.. and all i can do is breathe and tell the truth.. this is so heartbreaking for me also because i don't want to hurt anybody, especially him, who's been so nice to me, so nice that i can't even find a single sign of imperfection.. even his facial pores are small! promise! haay... so all i can say as of this moment is "AMBOT!" gosh!

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