Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i give up!

the whole weekend, i taught Matty how to play the guitar. Oh, ummm.. his mom gave the guitar to me last Sunday night - it was really a "really!?" moment! haahhaah! and it was sooooo embarrassing! Gosh! i think she likes me! hahahaahha!

so anyway, since he's really been bugging me what my dream guy's like so i told him finally last Friday that it's someone who knows how to play the guitar, you know the rocker type and so, he begged (promise) me to teach him.. and i did.. and it brought me to exhaustion, boredom, and disappointment.. he got few of the simplier chords but most of them are just too hard for him! and the sound is soooo irritating, promise!

he really tried hard, i could see his effort but sadly, it's not just for him.. and so since i couldn't tell it to his face, i texted him.. when he got the text message, he said, "nitext ka?".. and i said "o, ayaw kalain ha.. basaha lang.."

i think he also realized that music's definitely not for him so niundang xa.. hahahaha! i mean, he doesn't need to do that to let me love him more no! hahahaha! i love him more as the more intellectual half of our relationship.. char!