Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ansi Bariya

ansi bariya, ansi baristo
apagong , amagong, E-GI-GONG
apagong eng sungsunge
amagong eng waysinge
apagong gitangasingawa
utsa,. utsa daranta
(Repeat with action)
dili ni orasyon oy! hahahahahhah!
this is my very own version of the korean song "papa bear" - from the soap FULL HOUSE (thanks to Lorraine Miscala for  the DVD!).. I love that soap and the soundtrack (at least the ones that were played)! and so one day, i decided to get the lyrics of one of the songs and mao lagi na.. of course, i couldn't understand it so i just wrote what i thought were the words. in tagalog, "kung anong bigkas, syang baybay".. haha! my original lyrics for the second line is, "apakagong, amakagong, e-gi-gong..." but Matty said it sounded like a 3-syllable word and since i trust his hearing more than i trust mine, i changed it.. so there! he couldn't stop laughing after that!

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