Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Return Of The Mighty Matty

so, i was checking my friendster account yesterday.. had a message from someone - it's from Matty and he's got a new friendster account na! gosh! it was a surprise! i mean, he had an account before and he just made it because i was so kulit! he said he will NEVER have time to "maintain" it and true enough, he NEVER logged on again after uploading all of my embarrassing pics, including this:
yup, i know! there's more where it came from, btw.. hehehehe.. he used it to get even coz i always, as in ALWAYS, made fun of him! he's so serious man gud! hehehe.. fun times!
His description of himslef? here goes:
"..I think a lot so that would probably make me a boring person.."
hahahahaha! yup, that's my Matty! hahahahaha! (*winks*)

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