Sunday, August 31, 2008


so there's this one guy who can really put me in a silent mode..  im not shy around guys, i don't mind them (and everybody for that matter).. i mean, they're there and that's it.. but him around, im just different.. i probably tend to make "pa-cute" and i hate just thinking that i probably do that (ew! did you see KC around richard gutierez? that kind of "pa-cute"..yikes!). i refer to him as the "love of my life".. i havent' seen him for ages..
so anyway, he viewed my friendster profile and i couldn't breathe (literally) when i saw his name (see?).. and then i thought of the past and there were questions of the possibility of rekindling it.. but the answer is clear.. he didn't even email me.. so there's my truth.. and life goes on! hahahahahhaha!
im going home tonight!

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