Friday, December 19, 2008

After A Great Pain.. WHat's Next?

the weather's gloomy this morning, i decided to go out wearing my brightest green mini dress, my fire red havs, and its matching red watch.. i needed to go out..
so they say that after a BIG heartache you become stronger - you feel like you can bear whatever heartache you'll go through in the future.. hmmm... maybe not in my case.. maybe my first real heartache (JANUARY 23/24, 2007 - the day i cried 24 hrs straight! no joke, no exaj!) made me fear love.. maybe.. my friend told me so, which really got me into thinking the whole day - which sucks coz i've work tonight!
well, you know, the only thing that im sure of right now (aside from realizing that my ex-bf's a jackass and is soooo not worth my time!) is that i've become wiser and honestly, i think im stronger now.. i don't know if what happened then made me afraid though.. maybe..
oh, and about that heartache, well, i thought that he had another woman while we're still together.. 1 year after i broke up with him, his cousin told me that I WAS ACTUALLY THE OTHER WOMAN - i had no clue at all! turns out someone else suffered more pain that i had suffered - maybe that woman hated me.. that bastard! now, we're cool - we're friends, kind of.. i wish him well.. i laugh about it now - well, even then - after i cried! hahaha!
btw, he's that person i wrote my poem "Second Time Around" for.. gosh!

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