Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just About Everything That's On My Mind Right Now

** UFC 109: a lot of GREAT fighters - my fave's DEMIAN MAIA..happy that he can now fight standing although he admitted "it's not the best", which i think is so manly of him..  i still can't believe his knockout loss against Nate Marquardt  (who lost against  Chael Sonnen - which was a great fight, niaksyon jd kog kakulba!)  atong UFC 102 but it happened so kebs nalang.. COUTURE won!! yehey! i expected a lot from the HAMMER but he didn't deliver..
** ASAP: it's probably my most favorite tv show.. I especially love last Sunday's.. HUNKS = HOT! but wait, did i miss it or  they just don't feature bands anymore???
** LOVE: my friend broke up with  his gf.. he said that there are a lot girls out there.. yup, he's right but there's no one like her.. i love my friend but i think it's so obnoxious of him to think that way! i slapped him in the back - now it's bruised! hahaha! THIS IS EXACTLY THE REASON WHY I DON'T WANT MY GUY FRIENDS HANGING OUT WITH MY GIRL FRIENDS!
another friend of mine broke up with her bf..it was a mutual decision but the guy kind of "suggested" - he doesn't have time i guess was the reason because he's at school or whatever? she still loves him and she's hurt.. ummm, i guess if you have a bf who isn't literally and not literally (Ü) there then what's the point??   
** im excited for UFC 110 - Nogueira vs. Velasquez, Silva vs. Bisping, Stevenson vs. Sotiropoulos, Jardine vs. Bader, Cro Cop vs. Rothwell, etc..there's no doubt in my mind that Nogueira will go home the victor
** THIAGO ALVES (luv him) will fight against Jon Fitch on UFC 111.. im scared coz he lost the last time they fought, and Jon Fitch's 3 inches taller..but just basing on the way they both fought GSP, Thiago Alves should win it - I HOPE!!!

my youngest brother mamash looks like Thiago, diba??? hehe..

** i miss hanging out with NIMPA band and the rest of the gurls - watch tag movie na!!!
** i was with sue, drol, fab, and erwin last saturday ! i had a blast - LAUGHED A LOT! had beer for the first time in months! miss you guys already! Drol, TC nganha ha - msg me if u hav sumthing to say or otherwise (just put a period or something)! Sue, laag nata with BB Zyd! Fab, atribido but ok ra ky interesting sad bya imng mga comments - ang uban! Win, thanks sa spaghetti!

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