Friday, February 19, 2010

New Phone And Hanson

friends, please message me your mobile #s (sa facebook, friendster, twitter, multiply - wherever) coz there's none in my phonebook! ill text you back if it's GLOBE..

yup, i gave in.. after 10 days.. i can live without one, it's just hard not having one.. hehe..

still reading THE SUMMONS .. waaaaahhh... asa kaha ni gikan ang kwarta ay! i average 40 pages per shift (in between calls and chekka - on pdf file).. i should finish this on Monday!
my reading a lot (since i was a child) has taken its toll on me - im almost blind.. one time, my friend told me na wla daw ko nanagad niya - actually wla jd ko kakita niya! sori!!!

HANSON's new album "Shout It Out" will be released this June! watch out for it guys!

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