Saturday, May 22, 2010

Off To.. I DON'T KNOW! Ha-Ha!

Most unexpected beach trip! and i only have Php512 in my wallet! hahaha! i went home ganina @ 2 am (during my lunch break) to pack and i just grabbed whatever's available in my closet (leaving unfolded clothes in my bed! kebs!) still wearing what i wore yesterday during dinner and coffee with T DEE (thanks so much teh! i miz you already!) coz from there i went straight to work, then, ill go straight to wherever we'll be!

spontaneity.. that's the word! gee, i don't even have room reservations! hahahaha

happy summer everyone! mmmmmmwuah!

BTW, happy 13th anniversary to my ate and my bro-in-law! we love you both! char2! Ü

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