Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who Will Win AI?


last blog hirit before the finale..

it's not that i dislike Lee.. it's just that i can't feel him (only his nerves!).. he's handsome and maybe nice but i just can't feel his passion for music.. and i don't know if it's just me but he looks exhausted on tv.. and, honestly, i can hear flats and sharps when he sings.. sorry! Ü

if it's base on pure artistry and raw talent, Crystal should win it, no doubt..

but this is just me talking.. a keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer (not at the same time ha) who's in a band that's still stuck in the garage (exaj, we're practicing on studios sad.. haha!)..

actually, this season of AI is not as exciting as the past seasons.. i don't know what's wrong.. i love Ellen and SImon (i swear im gonna miss him!) though.. and i always look forward to hearing whatever Kara and Randy have to say about each performance..

whatevs.. im not excited.. hehe..

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