Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Got Published! My First Fashion Blog!

I was asked to do a Fashion Blog on our online publication at the office and this is my first! I AM JUST SUPER HAPPY!

Hello everyone! I’m very excited about this fashion blog, to say the least! More than the monthly highlight, guys, THIS IS ONE OF MY DREAMS! I’ve been excited since Mira suggested that I do this! Thanks to the Publication Committee for this opportunity! Yahoo! This isn’t to give you guys fashion tips because I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject, I can’t tell you what to wear with what unless you ask me to. This would just be my Fashion thoughts, experiences, and practices. I hope that you’ll be inspired and most importantly, I hope that you’ll have fun reading my articles! ;)
So I guess everybody knows that I plan my daily wardrobe. When I was younger, I can plan for 3 months worth of outfits but now that I’m older, I can only do a 1-week plan. Blame it on my aged legs and my high heels! Dang! Now thoughts of what it’d be like when I’m 80 are creeping in my mind! Gosh! Ha-ha! Anyway, planning my outfit is like a party for me, complete with soundtrack. This is when I look at myself in the mirror a lot, which is eewy but important. 
Speaking of important stuff, when it comes to dressing-up, there’s only a few for me:
Know your body type and size. A person who wears something that’s some sizes smaller than her/his actual size looks constipated.  And I certainly don’t want to look like that and neither do you! Plus, you know when you go shopping and you end up trying on a lot of clothes just to end up looking good and fitting in just one of them? It’s time-consuming! And life is too short to be spent in fitting rooms!
Accept that not everything will suit you. I don’t have a model body and I’ve accepted that fact long time ago. That’s why up until now, I don’t own a maxi dress. I have yet to find one that’ll suit me. Will I ever?
Dress for yourself, not for anyone else. For me, it’s sad when women dress for men. I mean, I grow up with 3 brothers and of course my Papa (who’s the greatest and who didn’t, at all, tell me what to/not to wear) and I’ve asked them a lot of times if I look good in a wardrobe and they just shrugged and said “ok ra man” so I’ve concluded that those people who truly love me don’t care about what I wear. I think that if a man loves me he should see me, not my clothes. And so with that, the only person I’m trying to please when I dress is I, no one else. I do this for me, it makes me feel good! Besides, there’s no point in pleasing other people. It’s a waste of time.
Expensive brands are good but so are the cheap ones. As long as I look good in it and it’s well-made, I go for it! My stuff is a mixture of designer, high street (i love Topshop!), sale rack, and of course, ukay2!
Borrow. From time to time, I borrow clothes from my siblings and parents. I have blouses and bags from my mama and ate, and I super love my Papa and brothers’ shirts and shorts! In fact, the shirts I wore in 2 of my Editor’s Picks outfits in my WIWT site are Kab’s and Macmac’s, the bag’s my Papa’s.
For me, anything goes with Fashion. It’s all about having fun! And in this world full of murderers and bad customer service, I think a little fun won’t hurt. Don’t you think so? Until next time! ;)

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