Friday, March 8, 2013

3 . 7 . 2013

Yeah, it was too bad of a day that I had to make the date the title.

First, a cop caught me and my friend Therese Marie Cañete jaywalking. It's no fun being caught but the whole experience was. I posted this on FB and my ex-boyfriend commented that he's surprised it's my first time to get caught. Rude much? No. I am such a careless person, anyone would be. Here's my ticket:

Second, and I don't mean this entry to be dark, but I was robbed yesterday. He got my phone. There was struggling and Therese in fact kicked the robber but in the end I realized, it's not worth my life and my friend's. I mean, what if the robber had someone with him who has gun? There's too much murder in my family, I don't think they can take one more.

Once again, I realize that life is so short, anything can absolutely happen. So let's love, laugh and live! Be happy! xxx

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