Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wore Last Week (March 12 - March 16)

How was your weekend guys? I hope it was great! Mine was great. Great as in lots of food (see previous entry) so I easily just gained the weight I lost last week.
It's my brother's fault.
It's my colleague's fault.
It's their fault for dragging me along parties and foodtrips! Ha-ha!

Anyway, I wasn't too keen on outfits last week. Actually, I was bored that's why my outfits are boring. I thought about doing a lot of things, including changing my hair (the curly hair's a dry-run) but later I realize that my boredom is deathly that a haircut wouldn't do. I NEED CHANGE. I honestly thought of resigning from my job! And then on Friday night I had an epiphany, I will go back to school. So on Monday I enrolled and on June 18th, I will be a student again! Yahoo!!! I can't wait to wear my kickers again! Oh and while waiting for classes to start, I will just focus on my diet and fitness. I hope to see a leaner and lighter me next month! Goodluck!

Here are my outfits last week (my WIWT stats is at the bottom part of my blog):

dress: Vesper, shoes: Primadonna, socks: Burlington, cuffs: Ayala Department Sotre (Men's Department)
Pic by Lovelyn Sabanal-Sala.
top: Next, skirt: Rummaged, shoes: Linea Italia, bag: XOXO
Pic by Zarife De Guia

top: Forever 21, jeans: Levis, flipflops: Ipanema, bag: XOXO, belt: Unknown
Pic by Zarife De Guia.
tee: Topshop, jeggings: Topshop, flipflops: Havaianas, bag: Rummaged, rings: Unknown
Pic by Zarife DeGuia.

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