Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coz It Sucks

my life rarely sucks.. and by rarely i mean, REALLY rarely! i have a wonderful family who loves me (being the favorite and all - comes with the package! hahahaha!), really cool and nice friends - i miss most of them (special mention to jayson, karryl, aprol, ibit, bidang, jong, reina, goryo, nona, and delite!), a job that pays my shoe shopping, and a closet and a laundry basket full of fabulous clothes.. what more could a girl want, diba? my bloopers, they may be embarrassing but at the end of the day, they all just make me laugh.. it's fun! it's been fun!

but now, at this very moment, i can say that MY LIFE SUCKS! yup! my relationships are failing.. love, friendship.. they're gone.. and none of you can probably tell - concealer, yup, the greatest invention in the world!

well, although im still thankful that Matty and I are still friends - we're good friends now or at least this afternoon after talking THE talk - i still feel really sorry for him.. and after all the laughter brought about by Steve Ferrell's (or is it Farrell?) movies and our never ending "i-outsmart-you" conversations, i cried.. in the CR! i loved the ambiance! hahahahaha! i didn't know if he noticed but well, he just hugged me and told me that he's ok.. sad, eh? yeah.. another sad ending to my lovestory..

friendship.. i only have a few really good friends and i love them all with all my heart and shoes.. i've invested a lot emotionally to my friendships that when it goes cold it really hurts me.. and now, im hurting.. whatever happened to her?!

and im really hating Jayson right now because everytime he has a problem he can just call me and cry his heart out and now that it's me who's needing him, hay ang bayot d ma-reach ky guba ang fon! it's sooooo unfair! gosh!

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