Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Aftermath

as i was answering the questions on the bulletin board (friendster - yup, i have time! ahahahahha!), I realize that there are still some things left from our relationship after our break-up.. like in my phone,  the speed dial 2 is his number, and his messages are mostly the ones in my saved messages folder.. and then there's the password for friendster, multiply, livejournal, etc., combination of our names (yup, im one of those people - i just don't make it as my username though - my site's mine, not mine and his.. hehe..)..  and then some of his stuff are still in my room.. well, about the stuff, they're mostly "pambahay" shirts and he already gave them to me! hahahahaha! they're big and they're so confortable, i love them!

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