Saturday, November 15, 2008

late, one tree hill, survivor gabon, date, cuerdz

  • so, my day, i mean my night (im on a night shift) started as a BIG disappointment.. i set my alarm @ 7:30 am so yeah, naturally, i was late - i wasn't able to wake up until my SUpervisor called me at 9:36pm.. MAKASAPOT! now, im sarcastic in almost all of my calls - i tried not to but i can't help it. it's unfair, i sucks to me and to them (callers) too!
  • anyway, im now on season 2 of ONE TREE HILL - it's heartwarming.. it's like a no-nonsense version of Gossip Girl. It's addicting, promise! and i learned a lot but for some reasons i can't remember anything anymore.. it sucks.. i swear im gonna write them next time!
  • SURVIVOR GABON - Bob Crowley won!!!! he truly deserves it! hehe..
  • so yeah, ummm.. i've had my share of "funny" (in a "hell-ish" way) dates - and i the guys, not the date itself ----  ummm.. you know what im gonna write about this maybe next month coz it's pretty recent! hahahaha! God, im so glad i trusted my instincts!
  • ang imong video Cuerdz hap! hahaha!

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