Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Friend's Lovelife

thanks to those who read my blog. i know that im not the "professional writer" type and i don't proofread also and my topics aren't at all serious - heck, i just talk about myself most of the time! haha! so now, im going to talk about my friend's lovelife..
so he said he likes someone but that person is immature. he said that he's not going to get involve with someone just for sex, he said he needs a real relationship. everyday, he sees this person and they're really good friends..
so here's what i told him, and i will quote myself coz i advised him through email:
    "do you honestly want me there??? oki rag dili.. i've things to do man sad! (coz we're gonna go somewhere together with that person) hahahaha!! from experience, you can't dictate your heart but you can always pretend and then later, mawala lang dayon na.. so if you like that person, then so be it.. if you want to show it, then go.. but if you don't, then just pretend! hahha!"
i remember highschool.. sometimes, you just can't do anything about a certain situation so instead of showing someone you love him/her, you choose not to, in fear of hurting someone else or of hurting yourself more. im good at it, you know.. i've mastered it.. saves face! hahaha!

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