Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Ex-3 Has A Kid

so, this morning i received an email from him.. he's from a very long time ago but we got back together early 2007 (for a month) and we kind of talked about marriage and stuff and although it wasn't at all serious (you know how "new" lovers make pa-cute and talk about marriage), but still, we had THAT talk. and i just can't help but think that it could've been me and it makes me feel, i don't know, relieved? im just soooo not ready to get married (yet), let alone to have a kid. I fear them both. and, the kid's just substantiate my fear.. hehe..
in relation to this, early 2008, i almost got engaged also (hahaha! first time you hear about this, huh? hahaha!) but when he asked me, I flinched and I politely declined and eventually, we broke up. hahahaha! on the early part of our relationship, we also had THAT talk and honestly, i thought i was going to marry him but when he asked, i felt different! haha! i don't know.. d pa lang jd ko ready.. hehe..
anyway, im super happy for him! i think he's going to be a good father..

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