Monday, May 21, 2012


Two hours ago I said "yes" to a guy I honestly don't know at all. I mean, I know his name and where he's from and his family (or his sister at least), but I don't know him know him, you know? Well, he's my crush before and apparently I was also his but we were so young then. He was my neighbor in the province and briefly my schoolmate. The fact is, I haven't even seen him for the past 10+ years! as in! i mean, i know that this is probably the craziest decision i'll ever make in my whole life but it's fun and well, yeah, that's about it.. IT'S JUST FUN. but im excited.. who knows? I never thought id take this much risk for my 8th relationship.. and right now im vulnerable (after the murder of my Father).. i mean, i don't think at all and i guess that's why it's fun because i didn't have to think. I just said "yes" and that's it! no, actually, I said "let's do this!" hahaha! it's crazy! THIS IS SUPER CRAZY!

btw, the former love-of-my-life just got married last weekend.. im happy for him..

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