Saturday, August 18, 2012

Desperate Attempt

Right now, im still trying to win the heart of my love back. and although there had been positive changes but still, it's not like before.. his love for me is not back to being 120% (that's what he told me and honestly, it's true - i felt it) - and that's what im aiming for, that's what's keeping me from pulling away - which what i would've done  had i not love him so much.. and because I don't know what to do anymore, to the point that i am beginning to feel very disappointed already, of myself and of him, i decided to SEEK help from the zodiac.
I googled the characteristic of a CANCER man.. and i've read a lot of articles and the bottomline is really just to shower him with so much love and to let him feel and know that HE IS THE ONLY ONE. apparently, Cancer guys are big on emotional security and what not. and that's what I will do..
why didn't i think of this before?

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