Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm 29!

"i don't know ther.. i know im a very blessed person (obviously).. but i realize that no matter how many blessings you have, if that one particular blessing you really want to have isn't yours, then the others are just like nothing.. and then there's my father who's always been the very first person to greet me sa akong birthday.. oh i miss him so much.. haaayy.. gosh i soooo want to cry! life is hard! or probably this is just the AGE talking.. hehe.."

Yes, I just quoted myself. I was emailing one of my closest and truest friends Therese.So, drumrolls please..I AM NOT HAPPY. I feel young, I think I look fab, but I am not happy.
Love sucks. If I had not fallen in love, I wouldn't be sad today. Yes, the person I love doesn't love me anymore and he doesn't even care. I don't think he even remembers my birthday. And it hurts, BIG TIME! How could one person ruin everything? Why am I forgetting all these great things in my life because he's treating me bad? I know it's my fault and I'm suppose to learn to be patient (it's suppose to be what I should learn from this situation, my friends told me) but how long will I suffer? How long 'til he loves me again?

My only wish, is for him to love me, like the way he used to.. But it's not happening.. Not today, Aug 10, 2012.. Maybe not ever.. Oh that'd be sad..

--(written straight from my desk at work)-- MY COLLEAGUES JUST SANG A BIRTHDAY SONG FOR ME! awww... thanks guys!

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