Sunday, September 1, 2013

In Paradise

Hello everyone!

So last night, I went to see an MMA event with my friend Briane and I had a really, really awesome time. I don't have pics of it because silly me didn't bring my camera! I'll check if he still has the pics he took from his phone cam & I'll share them with you guys. :)

The event finished past midnight. I had to pack as fast as I could because at 2am, I and my other friends Douey and Andi were going to Bantayan Island! 

And right now, I'm here, on the shore, in this paradise island. I looooove it here. I'm here at least once a year. It's silent, breezy, & breath-taking.. And I'm listening to lovesongs. What more could one ask for? I am in heaven right now but I'm sad too. A potential good friend will soon bid goodbye. Oh gosh.. :(

Here are few pics of us today:

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